What is the Magick and Mediums Podcast?

Magick and Mediums is an informative and themed show that provides a platform for magical guests to share their opinions and real deal experiences with magick.  Created in 2017, it's mission was to promote magick AND its practictioners and their works to spiritual seekers in a positive and engaging way.

Magick and Mediums continues along its mission to be the premier marketing platform for authors and members within the wellness and occult space looking to reach a millennial and Gen-Z audience.

What's the show format and frequency?

Episodes are released every Saturday and consist of a 25 minute interview that consists of 7-8 questions that allow the guests to detail their expertise in addition, to sharing their opinions on a hot topic in the podcast's segment,  Pagan Perspectives. 

Who is the Host?

Anielle Reid is a psychic-medium, noted singer-songwriter, author and host of the Magick and Mediums podcast. She has been featured on WNYC Greene Space, TED Talks and various podcast shows like "The Goddess Collective" "Charmed Life",  and more. 

Why Advertise with Magick and Mediums?


Magick and Mediums has an existing relationship with those who want to live a life of magick and appeals to a group of affluent listeners  hungry for  spiritual content and products.

The podcast is the ideal forum to advertise and bring awareness to your

  • group
  • book
  • magazine
  • monthly subscription service
  • spiritual products like crystals and divination tools
  • spiritual services 

We Promote you on multiple platforms

    Magick and Mediums is published worldwide on the following platforms:

    • ITunes
    • Google Play
    • Stitcher
    • Instagram

    and uses various online and offline marketing techniques to attract interested listeners.

      Who listens to the podcast?

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