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Audio Ads

We get your message heard by a world wide audience via podcast advertising.

We provide relevant and engaging audio advertising as pre, mid or end rolls and even full-length interviews.

  • Rolls are 20-40 second spots at the beginning, middle or end of the podcast episode with an engaged reading of script provided by you or custom made by us 
  • Full length interviews are 25-45 minute podcast episodes with Anielle Reid engaging in conversation to market whomever or whatever you want.
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Social Media Ads

We create and market relevant social media posts that promote you and your products.  

These are custom photos and videos made specifically for social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok! 

The visuals can be provided by you or custom made by us.

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Emailed Newsletter Ads

We introduce you, your offering or book to our audience via our weekly newsletter that has hundreds of engaged readers.

Here is a sample of an ad contained within a previously emailed newsletter.


Interview Episode
  • Interview Episode
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Be interviewed on a 25-45 minute video interview and reach an audience of engaged witchy Gen-Z/millennials on all podcasting platforms including Youtube. After purchase you will receive a link to schedule your interview on Zoom and detail what you would like to discuss!

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Who listens to the podcast?

Largely female millennial and Gen-Z spiritual seekers and readers representing more than 51 countries.

The majority of our listeners on Apple and Spotify reside in the:

  • US
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia

Our series attracts a large proportion of women listeners in addition to the base of the podcasting audience which is predominately males ages 18-54.

What follows is a breakdown of our listeners on Spotify.

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What is the Magick and Mediums Podcast?

Magick and Mediums is an informative and themed show that provides a platform for magical guests to share their opinions and real deal experiences with magick.  Created in 2017, it's mission is to promote magick ,its practictioners and their works to spiritual seekers in a positive and engaging way.

Magick and Mediums continues along its mission to be the premier marketing platform for authors and members within the wellness and occult space looking to reach a millennial and Gen-Z audience.

What's the show format and frequency?

Episodes are released every Saturday and consist of a 25-45 minute interview that consists of 7-8 questions that allow the guests to detail their expertise in addition, to sharing their opinions on a hot topic in the podcast's segment,  Pagan Perspectives. 

Who is the Host?

Anielle Reid is a psychic-medium, noted singer-songwriter, author and host of the Magick and Mediums podcast. She has been featured on WNYC Greene Space, TED Talks and various podcast shows like "The Goddess Collective" "Charmed Life",  and more. 

Why Advertise with Magick and Mediums?

Audio reaches people where video does not (when people are running, commuting, working, etc) Magick and Mediums has an existing relationship with those who want to live a life of magick and appeals to a group of affluent listeners  hungry for  spiritual content and products.

The podcast is the ideal forum to advertise and bring awareness to your

  • group
  • book
  • magazine
  • monthly subscription service
  • spiritual products like crystals and divination tools
  • spiritual services