Virgin, Hybrid & Alien Births ft. Marguerite Mary Rigoglioso 

Can a woman birth something miraculous with spirit? We know of women throughout time like Olympias and the Virgin Mary who did but can women today still conceive on their own and even birth the offspring of beings on the…

Spirituality in Dating ft. Shauntay Dunbar 

Is spirituality ruining your chance at love or enhancing it?

Listen as dating expert and author of Diving in Stilettos First: Memoirs of Dating Mr. Right Now, Shauntay Dunbar chat:

dating, growing out of a relationship, dating someone who doesn't…

Animal Soul Contracts ft. Tammy Billups 

Listen as Tammy Billups and I talk about 

  • soul contracts
  • if dogs really go to Heaven
  • animals being a part of our soul tribe
  • reincarnation
  • familiars
  • the messages animals have for us

and more... 

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Unicorn Magick with Sarah Mara 

Listen as Sarah Mara and I talk about

  • authenticity
  • shapeshifters
  • lgbtq magick
  • white-passing
  • unicorn magick
  • talking to spiders
  • and more...

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Kabbalah and Tarot ft. Mark Horn 

Listen as author of Tarot and the Gates of Light author, Mark Horn and I detail:

  • How the tarot teaches the Tree of Life
  • The ancient Jewish Ritual of Counting the Omer
  • How the Tarot is a Portal to the…

Body Talk ft. Geraldine Abergas 

Energy practictioner Geraldine Abergas and I chat about:

  • how our body speaks to us
  • how energy gets blocked and stuck within the body
  • how pain and stiffness within certain body parts and joints means a lot more
  • how the body…

Mediumship ft. Maven Unmasked 

Medium and card reader Maven Unmasked and I chat about:

  • What mediumship really is
  • The difference between angels and spirit guides
  • Having angelic experiences and seeing angels in real life and in dreams
  • How mediumship heals

and more...

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