How to Wake Up Happy

Have you wondered what the secret to waking up happy is?

I have been waking up happy every day for a couple of weeks now and I think these witchy nighttime rituals could be to blame. Watch as I explain…

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5 ways to use crystals in Witchcraft

Have you ever wondered how to use Crystals in your spirituality?

Watch as psychic-medium Anielle details 5 ways to use crystals so you can

  • get sacred knowledge from ancient crystals like Lemurian Seed Crystals
  • manifest your desires
  • connect to the…
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Am I Hearing things or am I Clairaudient

Have you ever wondered "Am I hearing things?"

It's most likely that you were hearing voices and you weren't going crazy. If you hear things, you may be hearing messages from the Spirit world.

You may be a clairaudient medium!

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Can you use magic to get someone back?

Have you ever thought that someone was trying to win you back... not with grand gestures but with magic?

In this video, psychic medium and card deck creator, Anielle Reid shares how one man tried to conjure her back into…

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How to know you've been cursed or hexed

Have you ever felt off and that something or someone was out to get you?

Well, you could have been a victim of witchcraft, most specifically, the evil eye, a curse or hex. In this video, psychic-medium channel Anielle Reid…

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How to tell if you’ve been cursed 

The practice of witchcraft and the mystic arts is an open secret among people of the 21st century. Pop culture, television shows, and books have expanded on the rich history and practices of famous magicians and warlocks and made it…

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