Oracle Deck  

How do you find your magic and the magic that is just beyond the veil? There are a million self-help books but not one succint spiritual tool detailing the diverse ways to bring more magic into your life and that is why I am creating the Magick and Mediums Oracle, a 44 card oracle that is being funded on Kickstarter now and is waiting to bring clarity and real magic into your life.

What you'll find in this episode: oracle deck inspiration, daemon, mermaids, casting a circle, Wicca, tarot, divination, shamanic journey, Olivia Oldakowski, Aaron Doughty, Magick and Mediums Oracle Deck, draconic, dragon guide, mediumship, Jesus Consciousness, Hekate, Hecate, faerie, glamour magic, eft tapping, astrology, taboo,sacred space, ancestors, inner child, multi-dimensions, sacred heart, sacred space, divination,




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