Water Witchcraft ft. Annwyn Avalon 

Author and water priestess Annwyn Avalon and I chat:

  • Water spirits (water fae, selkies, sirens, mermaids)
  • The story behind the Starbuck's mermaid, Melusine
  • Water magick- blessing your water - cooking water and bodies of water like lakes, rivers and oceans

December 2019 Energy and Astrology 

Energy Healer, Sacred Reiki and I chat about what to expect this December, the astrology, the energy and how to survive it. 

Listen as Sacred Reiki and I detail:

  • December's Astrology
  • December's Full Moon (Cold Moon) Astrology
  • Capricorn Energy
  • Winter…

Gratitude Magick ft. Quartz and Coal 

Nicole of Quartz and Coal and I chat about gratitude.

Listen as Nicole details:

  • Mental Health
  • The importance of keeping a gratitude journal
  • The Heart of Gold Gratitude Journal

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Honoring Your Ancestors ft Mallorie Vaudoise 

Author Mallorie Vaudoise and I chat about How to Honor Your Ancestors and Ancestor Veneration.

Listen as Mallorie details:

  • How to connect with your ancestors
  • Italian Folk Magick
  • What to do about mean ancestors 

and more...

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What's Intuition with Natalie Miles of So you Think You're Intuitive 

Natalie Miles of So You Think You’re Intuitive Podcast and I chat about intuition.

Listen as Natalie details:

  • Differences between listening to your guides vs. intuition
  • How empaths and psychics are being prepped for 2020
  • A channeled message during the…

Sacred Herbs of Samhain with Ellen Evert Hopman 

Author Ellen Evert Hopman of Sacred Herbs of Samhain  and I chat about Celtic Lore.

Listen as Ellen details:

  • Dumb Supper
  • How to Invoke The Morrighan
  • Samhain
  • Herbs to connect you to your magick

and more...

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Spiritual Evolution ft The Joy Channel Podcast's Rome Wilde 

Podcaster Rome Wilde of Joy Channel Podcast and I chat about the real deal changes that occur within a person and within humanity as a result of spiritual practice.

Listen as Rome details:

  • Joy
  • Periods
  • Manifesting

and more...

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The Mermaid Tarot with Leeza Robertson 

Author Leeza Robertson of Animal Totem Tarot and The Mermaid Tarot and I chat about the magick behind creating the tarot.

Listen as Leeza details:

  • how she got her publishing deal with Llewellyn 
  • what it's really like being a publisher

What is Astrology with Jessica of Ghost of a Podcast 

In this episode Jessica of Ghost of a Podcast and I chat about astrology.

Listen as Jessica details 

  • What astrology is - how it relates to our lives, our magick and most importantly how we treat others
  • Astrological discrimination 
  • How…

Norse Magick with Sonja Grace of Odin and the Nine Realms Oracle 

Author and spirit traveler, Sonja Grace and I chat about Norse Mythology.

Listen as Sonja details:

  • Norse Gods
  • Odin and the Nine Realms Oracle 
  • Spirit Travel
  • Stone Circles
  • Aliens
  • Meditation

and more...

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Witchcraft and Women with Lifemancy 

Podcaster Rachel Wilkinson of Lifemancy and I chat about feminism and witchcraft.

Listen as Rachel details:

  • How wearing makeup is wearing glamours
  • Feminism
  • Not being psychic but just knowing

and more...

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