Witchcraft and Women with Lifemancy 

Podcaster Rachel Wilkinson of Lifemancy and I chat about feminism and witchcraft.

Listen as Rachel details:

  • How wearing makeup is wearing glamours
  • Feminism
  • Not being psychic but just knowing

and more...

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Slavic Witchcraft with Natasha Helvin 

Author Natasha Helvin of Slavic Witchcraft and Russian Black Magick and I chat magick.

Listen as Natasha details

  • What  makes Slavic magick unique
  • How speaking with the dead can be draining
  • What witches think about karma
  • Pagan philosophy
  • Voodoo


Access Consciousness with Molly Mandelberg 

Podcaster Molly Mandelberg  of Tactical Magic, and I chat about what tactical magick.

Listen as Molly details: 

  • Access Consciousness 
  • Law of Attraction 
  • Magic in Marketing

and more...

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The Power of Sacred Sites with Tara 

Wally World Oracle creator Tara of Kittens, Weights and Tarot/creator  and I chat about sacred spaces-.

Listen as Tara details:

  • the healing energies of sacred land
  • Why you don't need to travel to gain peace
  • How she created the Wally…

Understanding Breathwork with Eryn Johnson 

Podcaster and witch Eryn Johnson of the Living Open Podcast and I chat about working as a full time witch.

Listen as Eryn details:

  • Breathing Exercises
  • The process to "becoming" a full time witch 
  • How becoming a “professional” healer has…

Psychics in Government with Occult Confessions 

Podcaster Professor Rob C. Thompson of Occult Confessions  and I chat about the real deal history of psychics and mediums.

Listen as Rob details:

  • How the techniques we employ in our craft have been used by governments to train military

Finding Purpose with The Celestial Witch 

Artist, Ellie Moreing a.k.a The Celestial Witch and I chat purpose.

Listen as The Celestial Witch details:

  • The magical meaning of purpose
  • Astrology

and more...


Angels and Fbombs with Andrew Barker 

Intuitive and Angels and FBombs deck creator, Andrew Barker and I chat about real angel communication.

Listen as Andrew details:

  • Speaking with Angels
  • Doreen Virtue
  • The importance of being authentic with your guides
  • How cursing is spiritual

Anything can be Healed with Annick Brofman 

Healer and teacher, Annick Brofman, and I chat about the he Body Mirror System, what true healing is and specific tools of healing so that you can heal yourself and help heal others.

Listen as Annick details:

  • How to heal…

Energetic Healing with Sacred Reiki 

Healer Kirsty of Sacred Reiki and I chat about how spiritual healing happens and how you can embark on a journey of spiritual healing for yourself.

Listen as Kirsty details:

  • Chakras
  • Thought forms
  • Auras
  • Wellness
  • Wwestern  and Eastern
  • Psychic parasites