Yoga and Magick Maintenance with Harmony Haven 

Yogi  and card reader Harmony Haven and I chat about how having a daily spiritual practice that includes a yoga practice can sustain a life of powerful magick and more. 

Listen as Harmony Haven details:

  • How Mantras can get you…

Ceremonial Magick with The Abracast 

Host of the Abracast Podcast and I chat about ceremonial magick- its application and its psychology and how it is being practiced by many of the people that we know and love. 

Listen as The Abracast details:

What is really…

Are your Spells Working Against You? 

In this episode we talk about how the spells we cast might be causing us more harm than good- keeping us stuck and actually going against our goals.

In addition we'll also be sharing some tips to help you know…

Love Magick and Giveaway 

Love is generally defined as an intense feeling of deep affection but for witches love is something that can be conjured and even manipulated. 

In this special Valentine’s episode we are going to be talking about the pagan origins of…

Law of Attraction Magick with Kelly Dawn 

You can get what you want with the law of attraction, traditional magick and even mundane methods. In this episode Law of Attraction expert, author and witch Kelly Dawn details the Law of Attraction and how things that you don't…

Occult Books and Art with Daniel Mack and Kurt Seligmann 

Magic has been practiced and documented throughout time by historians, magicians and artists and most of the details have been secret for ages but author and artist Kurt Seligmann has created the Mirror of Magic that details the magic and…

Candle Magick and Spell Casters with Coventry Candles 

Candle magick is one of the oldest and most effective magical methods to get whatever you desire. Whether you are a hereditary witch or a young student of the Occult, candle magick is something you can master as long as…

Plant Communication with Fay Johnstone 

Author Fay Johnstone and I chat about:

  • how you can transform your life with the spirit of plants
  • communicating from your heart space
  • Vandana Shiva,
  • Mansanto
  • Plant spirits ( fairy, gnome, dryads)
  • GMOs

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The Mirror of Magic- an excerpt  

Listen as I read my favorite excerpt from The Mirror Magic by Kurt Seligmann that details the importance of the Word in Egyptian Magic. 

Your name is important and magical so share your true name wisely.

What you'll find in…

Heart Magick with Shai Tubali 

Your heart is stronger when it is open yet how can we open our hearts and live from a heart space in today's world?

In this episode author of Unlocking the 7 secret powers of the heart, Shai Tubali shares…

Real Witches Real Persecution with Ellen Evert Hopman  

Witches are not immune to persecution. New England is infamous in providing proof of that statement with its history of witch trials. 

In this episode we chat with Ellen Evert Hopman, author of The Real Witches of New England about…