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Oracle Deck  

How do you find your magic and the magic that is just beyond the veil? There are a million self-help books but not one succint spiritual tool detailing the diverse ways to bring more magic into your life and that…

Shamanic Healing- an Interview with Indigo Boujon 

In order to heal others you must heal yourself no matter how many spiritual tools you may have. Shaman, energy healer and inspiring spiritual leader Indigo Boujon shares powerful insights on healing, purpose, rituals and more in this interview. 


Lunar Nomad Oracle-Interview with Shaheen Miro 

Oracle cards are not a game. They unlock your creativity and intuition. Lunar Nomad Oracle creator Shaheen Miro details how his oracle deck can be used to find your lunar self and bring magick to your life.



Love and Tarot an Interview with Jupiter Rising  

Love is more than just Netflix and chill. Intuitive witch and psychic card reader Jupiter Rising and I chat about love- the magical work involved in finding it for yourself and attracting it from others in addition to what can…

Casting Spells 

Getting what you want requires a little help from your spiritual allies and certain spiritual tools and methods. Do you know what they are?

What you'll hear in this episode: witchcraft, sigil, candle, tarot, divination, meditation, solomon magick, protection, casting…

Spiritual, Psychic Supernatural Gifts 

Supernatural, Psychic and Spiritual gifts are not just for Sci- Fi characters. People like you and me possess magical abilities and this episode will shed light on just a few. 

What you'll find in this episode: astral travel, premonitions, can…

Moon Magic 

Our lives are connected and influenced by the phases of the moon. 

Learn how you can benefit from this relationship. 

What you'll find in this episode: moon phases, astrology, moon signs, spells, new moon, waning moon, planting by the moon…

Blood Magic 

Feared by men and largely used by women.

Blood magic is the most powerful magic that those over 18 and sober can do. 

Learn about the history of blood magic and how it is practiced.

What you'll…

Candle Magic 

Candle Magic is as easy as making a wish on a birthday candle cake. All you need to cast candle magick is a candle and an intention. 

Learn more about candle magic, what types of candles to use,and how to…