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Crystal Magic 

Learn about crystals and how you can work with them as jewelry, crystal grids and during meditations.

I have had many beautiful experiences with crystals where just creating a grid, or even simply holding them in my hand during meditation…

Shamanic Healing- an Interview with Indigo Boujon 

In order to heal others you must heal yourself no matter how many spiritual tools you may have. Shaman, energy healer and inspiring spiritual leader Indigo Boujon shares powerful insights on healing, purpose, rituals and more in this interview. 


Bast- The Egyptian Cat Goddess Meditation 

See the true you and how others view you in this guided shamanic journey that takes you on a voyage with your spirit ally and Bast the Egyptian Cat Goddess. 

in this episode you will learn about a witch's most…

Crystal Meditation 

Crystals connect us to different times, places and consciousnesses.

Hear about my experiences with crystal meditations during this story-time episode.

What you'll find in this episode: nuumite, past-life, time travel, crystal meditation, crystal grid, druid, rose quartz selenite, moonstone 


Casting Spells 

Getting what you want requires a little help from your spiritual allies and certain spiritual tools and methods. Do you know what they are?

What you'll hear in this episode: witchcraft, sigil, candle, tarot, divination, meditation, solomon magick, protection, casting…

Spiritual, Psychic Supernatural Gifts 

Supernatural, Psychic and Spiritual gifts are not just for Sci- Fi characters. People like you and me possess magical abilities and this episode will shed light on just a few. 

What you'll find in this episode: astral travel, premonitions, can…

Magick Mentors, Spirit Guides  

Finding a spiritual guide or mentor can be a little tricky. Learn a few tips to be introduced to your magical mentor. 

What you'll find in this episode: spirit guides, magick, mentors, spiritual youtube gurus, Marina Abramowic, discernment, Koi Fresco…