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Witchcraft and Women with Lifemancy 

What do you call a woman who is in her power? Feminist, witch or both? 

In this episode Rachel of Lifemancy and I chat about feminism and witchcraft.










We are working on a new oracle deck!!!

Support us by getting The Holiday Healing Deck which is available for pre-order at


The Kickstarter campaign for the deck premieres 9.19.19.


The Holiday Healing Oracle Deck is a festive…

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Slavic Witchcraft with Natasha Helvin 

The manipulation of energy has been practiced since the dawn of time all around the world.  

So no matter where you are you can find a history of magic but there is one place where magick runs deep and its…

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Access Consciousness with Molly Mandelberg 

Sometimes magick is simple and tactical. 

In this episode we chat with the host of Tactical Magic, Molly Mandelberg about what tactical magick really is and more.  Listen as Molly details: 

  • Access Consciousness 
  • Law of Attraction 
  • Magic in Marketing


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Understanding Breathwork with Eryn Johnson 

Despite being able to conjure up real magick a lot of modern day witches find themselves stuck in jobs they hate that don’t reflect the magick that they know is out there. Maybe it’s fear, stagnant energy or some metaphysical…

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Psychics in Government with Occult Confessions 

Myriad governments have been working with psychics and occult teachers in various operations for years. Psychics, astral travelers, remote viewers, mediums and those more in tune with their abilities don’t just help individual people but  whole nations. 

In this episode…

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Finding Purpose with The Celestial Witch 

There is so much talk about finding your purpose but what if there is nothing to find?

What if everything regarding your purpose is right in front of your face?

What if by just being you are in your purpose?

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