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Spirituality in Dating ft. Shauntay Dunbar 

Is spirituality ruining your chance at love or enhancing it?

Listen as dating expert and author of Diving in Stilettos First: Memoirs of Dating Mr. Right Now, Shauntay Dunbar chat:

dating, growing out of a relationship, dating someone who doesn't…

Animal Soul Contracts ft. Tammy Billups 

Listen as Tammy Billups and I talk about 

  • soul contracts
  • if dogs really go to Heaven
  • animals being a part of our soul tribe
  • reincarnation
  • familiars
  • the messages animals have for us

and more... 

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Unicorn Magick with Sarah Mara 

Listen as Sarah Mara and I talk about

  • authenticity
  • shapeshifters
  • lgbtq magick
  • white-passing
  • unicorn magick
  • talking to spiders
  • and more...

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Kabbalah and Tarot ft. Mark Horn 

Listen as author of Tarot and the Gates of Light author, Mark Horn and I detail:

  • How the tarot teaches the Tree of Life
  • The ancient Jewish Ritual of Counting the Omer
  • How the Tarot is a Portal to the…

Body Talk ft. Geraldine Abergas 

Energy practictioner Geraldine Abergas and I chat about:

  • how our body speaks to us
  • how energy gets blocked and stuck within the body
  • how pain and stiffness within certain body parts and joints means a lot more
  • how the body…

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