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Psychics in Government with Occult Confessions 

Myriad governments have been working with psychics and occult teachers in various operations for years. Psychics, astral travelers, remote viewers, mediums and those more in tune with their abilities don’t just help individual people but  whole nations. 

In this episode…

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Finding Purpose with The Celestial Witch 

There is so much talk about finding your purpose but what if there is nothing to find?

What if everything regarding your purpose is right in front of your face?

What if by just being you are in your purpose?

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Angels and Fbombs with Andrew Barker 

Real Magick  and working with angelic guides and demonic guides means that you CAN BE real and you can have real and modern relationships with these guides as well where you talk to them just like you would a friend…

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Anything can be Healed with Annick Brofman 

Healing is the ability to use the tools of healing, that anyone from a highly educated adult, pre-schooler and yogi or mystic can employ. 

No matter what condition there are metaphysical reasons and explanations that can make sense of an…

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Energetic Healing with Sacred Reiki 

There are people who claim to be able to perform healing without need to be anywhere near their patient. Those people are energy healers. The ability to heal people from a distance is real.

In this episode we chat with…

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Spiritual Business Tips with Jamie Sawyer 

There are a million spiritual entrepreneurs from tarot deck creators, yoga teachers, professional psychics and mediums and more and online it looks like they’ve got it all figured out… as if they just cast a spell and voila a life…

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Yoga and Magick Maintenance with Harmony Haven 

Magick is more than spells and intentions that you set and forget. In order to live magical lives a practice of magical maintenance is crucial. Magical methods allow us to be able to receive the miracles that magick creates and…

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Ceremonial Magick with The Abracast 

There are various types of ceremonial magick from practices brought to light by the Golden Dawn. Aleister Crowley and many published book of shadows to the Bible but do we really understand ceremonial magick- the what and why of it…

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Are your Spells Working Against You? 

In this episode we talk about how the spells we cast might be causing us more harm than good- keeping us stuck and actually going against our goals.

In addition we'll also be sharing some tips to help you know…

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Love Magick and Giveaway 

Love is generally defined as an intense feeling of deep affection but for witches love is something that can be conjured and even manipulated. 

In this special Valentine’s episode we are going to be talking about the pagan origins…

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Law of Attraction Magick with Kelly Dawn 

You can get what you want with the law of attraction, traditional magick and even mundane methods. In this episode Law of Attraction expert, author and witch Kelly Dawn details the Law of Attraction and how things that you don't…

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Plant Communication with Fay Johnstone 

Plants have unique personalities and a language of their own that if we open our hearts to we can hear them speaking. 

In this episode we chat with author of Plants that Speak, Souls that Sing Fay Johnstone about…

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The Mirror of Magic- an excerpt  

Listen as I read my favorite excerpt from The Mirror Magic by Kurt Seligmann that details the importance of the Word in Egyptian Magic. 

Your name is important and magical so share your true name wisely.

What you'll…

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Heart Magick with Shai Tubali 

Your heart is stronger when it is open yet how can we open our hearts and live from a heart space in today's world?

In this episode author of Unlocking the 7 secret powers of the heart, Shai Tubali…

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Magick is a Choice with Jason Louv 

Magick can happen in one instant with one decision.

In this interview with author and teacher Jason Louv we discuss real magick. We go beyond occult distractions- the witchy culture and even the astral to the core of magick:discipline…

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