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Oracle Deck  

How do you find your magic and the magic that is just beyond the veil? There are a million self-help books but not one succint spiritual tool detailing the diverse ways to bring more magic into your life and that…

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Crystal Magic 

Learn about crystals and how you can work with them as jewelry, crystal grids and during meditations.

I have had many beautiful experiences with crystals where just creating a grid, or even simply holding them in my hand during meditation, led…

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What is Ancestral Magick 

Can ancestors leave us with more than their DNA? Find out how I have connected with my ancestors in this story time episode about ancestral magick.


What you'll find in this episode: ancestral wounds, ancestor, altar, hoodoo, voodoo…

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What are Spiritual Things- an Interview with Atma Things 

What things make you spiritual? 

In this interview we chat with the creator of Atma Things about the things in our lives from relationships, meditation, groceries and beauty products that can change our spirituality.

In this episode you will hear: organic…

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Are Animals Spiritual?- an interview with Tammy Billups 

Animals can smell fear and hear sounds that we cannot but do they, like us have a spiritual calling and can they possess spiritual abilities? Tammy Billups, author of Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions believes that animals have spiritual messages…

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Authentic Magick- an Interview with Spirit Element  

Real witches recognize real and share how to spot inauthenticity from those seeking to exploit the burgeoning witchy community from corporations pushing unethical and fake products to segregated online spiritual communities. In this interview Spirit Element shares what inspired her to create…

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Shamanic Healing- an Interview with Indigo Boujon 

In order to heal others you must heal yourself no matter how many spiritual tools you may have. Shaman, energy healer and inspiring spiritual leader Indigo Boujon shares powerful insights on healing, purpose, rituals and more in this interview. 

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Bast- The Egyptian Cat Goddess Meditation 

See the true you and how others view you in this guided shamanic journey that takes you on a voyage with your spirit ally and Bast the Egyptian Cat Goddess. 

in this episode you will learn about a witch's most…

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Working with a Goddess- Hekate 

How do you know which Goddess to work with? Do you choose her or does she choose you? This is a storytime episode about how Hekate, the Queen of the Witches claimed me. 

What you'll find in this episode…

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Lunar Nomad Oracle-Interview with Shaheen Miro 

Oracle cards are not a game. They unlock your creativity and intuition. Lunar Nomad Oracle creator Shaheen Miro details how his oracle deck can be used to find your lunar self and bring magick to your life.


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Curses, Hexes and Protections 

There is black magic, curses and hexes but more importantly there are protections from psychic attacks.

What you'll find in this episode: spiritual baths, psychic protection, meditation, fear, binding spells, hoodoo, reverse spells, who cast a spell on me…

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