Understanding Breathwork with Eryn Johnson 

Despite being able to conjure up real magick a lot of modern day witches find themselves stuck in jobs they hate that don’t reflect the magick that they know is out there. Maybe it’s fear, stagnant energy or some metaphysical curse that keeps them there but in this episode we are detailing that there is a way out. 

Full time witchy woman, Eryn Johnson of the Living Open Podcast and I chat about working as a full time witch, the reality and challenges of it all and more importantly how to breathe into it and through it. 

Listen as Eryn takes us through breathing exercises and reveals 

  • The process to "becoming" a full time witch 
  • How becoming a “professional” healer has changed her practice and life 
  • The challenges  faced as someone whose livelihood relies on her spirituality 
  • Advice for those wanting to make the leap into making their spiritual work their full time work 
  • Her thoughts on light workers