How to Manifest a Business - an interview with Quartz + Coal 

Hear tips on how to manifest a successful spiritually based business with manifesting mentor Nicole, the founder of the creative consulting firm Quartz + Coal.  

Time Stamps: 

What stops people from manifesting their business ideas?- 0:59 
What's worse; the fear of success or the fear of failure? - 2:15 
Shadow Work - 3:00 
The first step to take after you have a business idea - 4:00 
Manifesting with Calendar Magick and Vision Boards - 8:00 
What is the best mindset for a successful business; ego or heart based? - 9:00 
What spiritual practice should spiritual entrepreneurs adopt? - 11:00 
Self-Care- 14:00 
Do spiritual businesses run different from a non-spiritual business-15:00 
Is a business a reflection of its owner? 18:30 
How do you allow for success? - 21:00 
Is knowledge of spiritual trends/astrology a weakness in business?-24:00 
ZFG (Zero Fu%ks Given) Method - 28:00 
How a business requires strength and self- knowledge - 29:00 
Does a business change your personal life? - 32:00 
Abundance - 35:00 
What is success? - 36:30 
Instagram tips - 45:00 

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  • Shelley
    Amazing interview. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Amazing interview. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Magick and Mediums
    Magick and Mediums
    Thanks for listening!

    Thanks for listening!

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