Lunar Nomad Oracle-Interview with Shaheen Miro 

Oracle cards are not a game. They unlock your creativity and intuition. Lunar Nomad Oracle creator Shaheen Miro details how his oracle deck can be used to find your lunar self and bring magick to your life.


Inspirations behind the deck-1:24

Creativity and Intuition-3:45

Artists/Creatives channel energy- 5:45

Stevie Nicks-7:30

How to lose your gifts- 9:35

Magical Evolution-10:30

Writing vs Art-12:20

Healing Yourself-13:25

The Lunar Side-13:45

Use Cards in Moon Magick-22:00

3 ways to use Oracle Cards-24:00

Multi-ethnicity representation in decks-28:00


Oracles as portals-34:00


Healers Teach- 50:30

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