Love and Tarot an Interview with Jupiter Rising  

Love is more than just Netflix and chill. Intuitive witch and psychic card reader Jupiter Rising and I chat about love- the magical work involved in finding it for yourself and attracting it from others in addition to what can be stopping you from fully obtaining it. 


What's a Love Reading- 1:00

Seeing Change as Positive - 5:00

Self- Love- 6:30

How to not project onto our partners and live in the now-8:00

Shadow work-9:00

How to bring balance into your love life-11:45

How to spiritually improve your relationship with yourself-13:13

Sexy Foods- 14:44

Letting Others Love You-19:00

Twin Flames/Soul Mates and Tough Love-21:00

How does magick affect your love life-24:14

Love Magick-28:00

Basic Witch Trend on Instagram- 30:00

Secrecy in Magick-33:00

Social Media's Influence on your love life-37:00

Advice for Valentine's Day- 38:00

A Live Reading with Jupiter Rising- 42:29


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