Witch Starter Kits and Spiritual and Cultural Appropriation with Erin Aquarian 

This October, Witch Starter Kits will be sold in Sephora but is this just major corporations exploiting a real culture or the rise of the Divine Feminine or a combination of both?

In this special segment of Pagan Perspectives, Erin Aquarian the Full Time Witch and I will be sharing our opinions on this starter kit composed of 9 perfumes, a sage bundle, a tarot deck, and a tumbled rose quartz piece.

Erin Aquarian is a full time witch and radical healing artist based in Portland, Oregon. She reads and teaches tarot for healing and empowerment, and does "Tarot TV" on youtube, and Waking the Witch podcast on Soundcloud.com/erin-aquarian.

Visit www.erinaquarian.com to learn more about Erin and her work to serve Healing Power to the People.



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