Bible Magick

Biblical Magic might seem to be a contradiction in terms.

Magic is roundly trashed in the Bible with soothsaying and occult chicanery barred outright. That doesn't mean there isn't a lot of magic in the books, or which can be…

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How can Empaths Protect Themselves 


Empathy is the one psychic ability that I think society at large is most comfortable with.

You can easily hear someone, mostly women saying that they are too empathetic but what exactly is empathy and who is an empath and…

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How to Cast Spells 

There are plenty of ways to get what you want.

My most favorite employs the magickal and the mundane but what is the magickal? What exactly are magickal ways to achieve your desires? 

Outside of influence, enchantment and shamanic work-…

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What do Angels Look Like? 

    There is a popular belief that everyone is born with a spiritual guide.


You are never alone is such a popular saying, despite most people knowing this to be true not everyone feels that they are always supported and guided.  

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What's Slavic Witchcraft with Natasha Helvin 

"Karma doesn't exist in witchcraft. In witchcraft there is a balance."


The manipulation of energy has been practiced since the dawn of time all around the world . So no

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