How can Empaths Protect Themselves 


Empathy is the one psychic ability that I think society at large is most comfortable with.

You can easily hear someone, mostly women saying that they are too empathetic but what exactly is empathy and who is an empath and how does this relate to magick and mediumship? 

In this post we are going to be discussing empathy and how it can strengthen or weaken your magick.  

The definition of an empath is a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. Empathy proves to me that we are more connected than we can ever know and it also proves to me that we have so much in common and if we open ourselves up we can communicate with each other on an empathetic level. Empathy literally allows you to feel what it is like to walk in another person’s shoes and empathy is a crucial component in physical mediumship in which you can feel the emotions that the spirit you are communicating with has to share.  

Yet this communication can be quite harmful to those who do not know how to protect themselves. As some people, most people... unknowingly can negatively impact empaths.  

If you have ever felt drained after being around a particular person or felt sad or even happier than normal being in someone’s company you have let their energy impact yours. You may be an empath who not only feels other’s emotions but takes them on as your own.  

As a psychic and medium I generally avoid certain people because I just don’t like their energy and don’t feel like having to put up these extra blocks or protections to protect myself from this energy. And in actuality, the more you do protective psychic exercises the less you will have to encounter these types of vibrations.  

But if you are a practicing psychic and medium doing readings for others you will come across all sorts of energies that you will have to know how to translate and that involves utilizing your empathetic skills. 

During one reading at a Halloween party in NYC I was reading for a group of party goers, most of which were under the influence and I came across one girl. She came up to me and asked for a reading and while I was smudging her in preparation for the card reading I knew that she was suffering from a broken heart but I didn’t tell her at that moment.  

Then in the reading as we both opened ourselves up even more I felt myself drowning in a fog of sadness that for a moment I thought I couldn’t escape. It took a force of will to be able to rise above the fog that seemed to envelope me and even when I was pushing myself up toward the light that could be seen from the fog I literally felt my heart breaking. The sensations within my physical heart were very strong and unique as I had never experienced those almost trepidations in my life before.  

That experience was empathetic, I was feeling her sadness and seeing it and witnessing it for myself, in myself in that moment.  

It was a strong experience and when I relayed it to her she immediately began to cry because that experience of an inescapable heavy fog of sadness was an accurate description of the depression that she was suffering from.  

It was beautiful for me because it was my first very intense empathetic moment.  

Where I was very physically feeling what someone else was feeling.  

Of course I have felt deep sadness or terror coming into a space where there is an argument or a horrifying event playing out but this was different.  

It was not just feeling the energy of a physical space but feeling the energy of a person who is alive and literally right in front of you.  

This empathy has its positives and like everything it has its negatives.  

Empathy allows us to truly connect with others and in that connection we can learn more about that person and since we are not limited to that person’s perspective we can use our outside knowledge and perspective to then help them.  

A good counselor is someone who truly understands their clients AND then  uses that understanding with clinical knowledge to apply healing modalities.  

Empathy allows us to not only connect with those that we want to help but with those that we may want nothing to do with.  

That may seem like a negative on the outset but it in fact broadens our perspective and allows us to let’s face it…. Not be so judgemental.  

The reason why It is hard to understand why people make certain decisions is because they can not relate, and I am not saying that they cannot relate to other people’s situations because there are but only so many different types of situations that can exist. Everything pretty much boils down to a remix involving sex, love, spirituality and money.  

Things that most people understand, yet what is the defining factor that influences so many decisions are not facts nor logic but emotions.  

And empathy allows you to understand the full story.  

Empathy is an informational tool and skill. 

And there are ways to increase that skill for those who just don’t seem to understand others.  

Meditation with rose quartz and stating affirmations that acknowledge the similarities within all of mankind have strengthened my own empathy.  

And of course there are other crystals that can increase empathetic ability like: 

Malachite  which helps you in understanding and Aquamarine that can help to overcome judgments of others and encourages tolerance. 

There are crystals that can even protect you from not knowing how to separate the feelings of others from your own or even turning off the strong empathetic signals one can get especially  from psychic vampires. Hematite and acqua aura quartz are perfect protective stones for empaths.  

As not having control of one’s empathy can be debalitating all empaths should have a meditation or psychic protection ritual so that this gift of empathy doesn’t become a curse.  

Whenever I take the E train from Manhattan to queens New York I just feel almost physically sick because I am picking up on the pain, disappointments and sadness that a lot of the riders carry with them. Being able to feel this is good but when it causes me to become physically ill then there is a definite need for me to employ protective methods. A lot of people who absolutley detest being in crowds and don’t like big cities are empaths. Before I really knew about protecting my energy I did not like being around large groups of people ESPECIALLY Those in the city. 

Being an empath without the knowledge to protect oneself can dramatically impact your social life.  

And that can be seen as  a good thing, ensuring that you are around only high vibe people but in this day and age a psychic ability should not be an impairment or disability leaving someone unable to leave the confines of their home but a gift that only enhances our lives especially our social lives. 

Empathy, is a key element of emotional intelligence that can be used to further our careers and deepen our relationships, romantic, familial and platonic and when you know how to be empathetic you open yourself up to deep and real relationships with those in the physical and the spiritual realm.  

A key component of empathy is being able to receive without judgement, being able to listen and in spirit communication you have to be able to have those traits in order to get clear messages.  

Mainly every psychic or person who meditates has come across those early experiences where they are seeing something clairvoyantly or are traveling in the astral  and the moment that they exude judgement is the moment when all communication and experience in the other realm cease.  

Learning empathy is a learned skill that has improved my relationships with others and has improved my mediumship.  

Are you an empath? 

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