What do Angels Look Like? 

There is a popular belief that everyone is born with a spiritual guide.

You are never alone is such a popular saying, despite most people knowing this to be true not everyone feels that they are always supported and guided.  

Not everyone chooses to feel this guidance nor sees how their guides are trying to reach out to them.  

This post is about these special guides that have chosen to be with you since birth and those spiritual guides who you may have known in your lifetimes as someone else but now act as your guardian angels.  

There is a popular belief that everyone is born with a spiritual guide. People from pagans to Catholics have incorporated this belief and have come across many of these spiritual beings that look like humans except possess one unique identifying trait…. Wings.  

These Angels are said to be God’s messengers- acting out his will and of course guarding humankind with one limitation. They can never act against your higher self’s free will. 

Throughout time these supernatural  beings have been divided into different classifications and hierarchies from archangels, guardian angels to angels from healing angels to angels of destruction and pretty much anything you can think of from an angel of youth Afriel to Michael the angel of loyalty and so on.  You may have even heard of the names of a few angels, Michael, Gabriel or Raphael.  

The names of angels that most people know are of archangels. These angels are largely believed to  have never existed in human form and many archangels are known by humankind because of their featuring in religious texts like the Torah, Bible and Quran. Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel are popularly known Angels by Christians.  

In spell work and rituals in various cultures and spiritual pathways from Santeria, the Golden Dawn to Catholicism, etc. people have called upon different angels to help them fulfill specific purposes from healing physical ailments, cutting the chords to addictions and negative relationships, ridding themselves of fear, acquiring more spiritual knowledge and even more magically oriented purposes. 

There are occultists who specialize in working with the angels and the angelic realm. Golden Dawn, Enochian Angel Magick and Chaos Magic practitioners are known for working with the angels in magical pursuits. Chaos Magic Sorcerers and others mainly use sigils to invite angelic forces into their lives.  

I unknowingly invited the angels to have a more conscientious involvement in my life with a simple purchase of a candle set., Crystal Journey’s Angels Abound. After I lit one of the four candles in the set I started feeling the presence of angels more greatly. I already believed in angels but never had a full blown experience with them until a few days later.  

I was doing a personal reading and during my reading I was taken out of body to another world with the most beautiful purple and blue celestial skies where an angel and I stood on what was another planet and this angel gifted me with a sword. This sword was to be used to cut any chords of fear and negativity from me and he told me this almost telepathically and on a unique claircognizent level.  Once I accepted this gift I was then taken back to my body. I then looked online for who this angel could be and immediately recognized him as Archangel Michael.  

After that experience I began seeing more coins along my path and even feathers on sidewalks that I would never see before.

I would always see angel numbers throughout my life but I began to see different ones more frequently like 222, 333 and 555 in addition to the 1111 that I would always note in the past.  

Letting go of negativity and wants that didn't serve my highest good became so much easier after this experience. Working magick was even faster as I could see my desires met in the physical almost at the inception of the thought of them. I believe this is so because not only did my vibrations change to that of one that could manifest at a greater pace but my wants were aligned with my whole being and I had the angels working with me to achieve these experiences.  

I then began to read a book written by Saratoga Ocean who channeled Archangel Michael “A Guide for Lightworkers by Archangel Michael” and resonated with the words so deeply. The book detailed that angels yes are here to help rid us of fear and negativity but also remind us of who we are and take us out of the paradigm that doesn’t serve us- and that paradigm involves more than just fears and negativities. There is more to life than just being free of fears- ridding ourselves of that fear is just one part of the evolution back to our true selves.  

Shortly after confirmation of my belief and intimate workings with  Archangels I then started seeing confirmation of guardian angels in others lives during my mediumship. This confirmation falls more in line with the philosophies of the  New Church that believes that there is no difference between Archangels and Guardian Angels and that there is no need for a hierarchy between those that have past who serve as guardian angels for their living loved ones vs supernatural beings who have always existed in the angelic realm.  

In my Mediumship what I would call guides would come forwards- the past grandmother of someone would come forward and to that grandson he saw his grandmother in spirit as his now guardian angel.  

The show Angels Among Us details Angels not only as archangels but as past loved ones who watch over those in the physical realm. These people don’t even have to be past family members but past lovers or even past coaches or friends.  


A lot  of the people that I have come across and have seen on medium shows detail that they just knew that they had a guardian angel and could feel their presence in ordinary life. Sometimes they could hear or smell or even see a sign of their presence.  

I usually know for sure that angels want their presence to be known when I see random coins or feathers. Other people may have different signals of their presence and some people may never have random signs but actively evoke them and communicate with their angels via different means.  

One of my favorite modes of communication with guardian angels are via card readings. Reading oracle cards is one of the most powerful and beautiful ways to access different realms- to ask a question and receive a channeled response.  

Doreen Virtue has a slue of angel cards ranging from Angels of Abundance to Daily Guidance from your Angels but I find the best cards to be used to communicate with your guardian angels and hear how they are working in your life and what particular angels are coming forward are not Doreen Virtue’s Guardian Angel cards but Guardian Angel Reading Cards by Debbie Malone.  

Even though you can channel specific items and cards to be used for angel communication some things just work better than others, and I find that after dedicating these cards to be used as a channel of my angel guides - I actually use Angel Reading Cards and the Guardian Angel REading Cards for Angel Communication I just have the most beautiful angelic conversations that guide me in so many different areas of my life.  

What’s so great about working with the angels is that when you ask for them to guide you, they will and I have found that by asking for comfort and answers via a reading card session or just during a walk in the city I immediately get a response.  

I remember walking in the city feeling so depressed and I reached out to my angels for help, something to lift my spirits and no less than 3 minutes later I was shown this beautiful Tibetan bowl for sale. Right when I saw it I knew that that was the answer and to this day this bowl lifts my mood not only because that is its purpose but because it was given to me in response to my plea to the angels.  

After working with the angels you will develop a knowing when your angels are communicating with you- they usually communicate with us via our psychic senses and the little signs they leave for us in the physical realm like feathers,and coins but at times they communicate with us via other people, Earth Angels if you will.  

A random person can help in performing a miracle, and at times that random person can even be you.  

I remember one day I was about to purchase the last floral scarf from a street vendor and while I had that scarf in my hand and was looking for other scarves to possibly purchase an older woman came up to the store owner asking to see the floral scarf I was holding for herself.  

The store owner declared that it was the last one and she then began to look for other scarves- I don’t know what exactly happened afterwards because I feel as if I left and either my higher self or the part of me that works to create miracles came forward and I purchased the scarf for her and left.  

I had no money in my purse after that purchase and it was only a few minutes after the purchase that I felt that I was at my normal state of awareness and vibration. But I knew that that action was more than just the simple purchase of a scarf. It was even miraculous to me. I don’t buy things for other people, especially if it’s the last of its kind of something that I want  and will leave me broke. It was totally out of character and I knew that it was a miracle- yes very simple but miraculous. If you have ever come across someone who is performing some almost nonsensical act of good for no benefit to herself then you may have come across an earth angel.   

Some people believe that they are incarnated angels or know of one and Doreen Virtue has explained the characteristics of these people in greater detail in her book Earth Angel realm. She describes incarnated angels as those who have  love in their heart for others and often exclude themselves from that love, struggle with their weight, have a beautiful heart shaped face, have eyes that shine with love, are talkative, prefer to know and follow the rules, work or want to work in a helping profession, have a history of dating people that need fixing, apologize frequently and stay in toxic relationships longer than most.   

I definitely have some friends who are incarnated angels and at times I have felt that I was one whether it be an angel on the right hand side of God or on the left.  

There are so many angels and so much that we can learn from them.  

We can even learn more about ourselves from our resistance to some of them.  

Some people say that you can learn more about yourself by analyzing what you resist. Unfortunately due to many people’s bitter relationships with religion and the church they have a resistance and bitterness even towards hearing the word angels.  

I actually have a little resistance towards certain depictions of angels myself in particular the depiction of Angels in the oracle deck Angelarium- that doesn’t portray angels as beings of gold-white light with puffy white feathers but dark, disjointed and more masculine beings.  

When I delve further into my own response to this I find that I have expectations for supernatural beings and have even put them into a neat humanly defined box.  I of course have my own experience with Angels and I suppose others do too. Mine have been beautiful and I have learned so much from these experiences but I have also learned so much from beings that don’t claim to be angels as well but have none the less served as guardian angels by showing me the path that I should walk.  

Do you believe in angels? 





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