December Energy Forecast 

The beginning of the month (2nd December) will see Jupiter enter Capricorn after spending a whole year in Sagittarius.

From Capricorn we can learn self-discipline, resilience and that hard work pays off! Jupiter in Sagittarius opened the doors for our future, it helped us to see the paths available to us all, but now we need Capricorn to help us move forward, to work hard to get to progress on our future path. My favourite caption for Jupiter moving into Capricorn is “The harder I work, the luckier I get” (Elsa, Elsa). Perhaps less doors will open for you this year, but now you're headed somewhere real. When Jupiter is in the final stages of Sagittarius it is not uncommon for it to bring unexpected gifts so for those that have been working hard, you may see something come into fruition just before Jupiter enters Capricorn. 

December's full moon will fall on 12th December this month and in the sign of quick thinking Gemini. This will be a very mentally stimulating and intellectual full moon. With Neptune at play here also our focus will be on trying to figure out the bigger picture mystery and gain a greater perspective, but the Gemini energy may give rise to over-analysing and over-thinking such matters - for some this may cause anxiety, The best way to handle this energy is to let the energy lay the options on the table for you so that you can look at each perspective, but at this point, leave it here and go and get grounded (being a Gemini, trust me when I say you grounding will be important). Don't get locked into one idea as there is a good chance you will change your mind frequently during this period. Look at the facts and then ground yourself until the energy passes. With Venus, Saturn and Pluto also involved you may find that your subconscious alerts you to a structure that HAS to change or transform for it to continue – whether this be money, values or relationships. Use this energy to progress this area of your life, and put your feelings into loving words. For some, your creativity and dreams will also be high at this full moon and you will feel a real passion starting to bubble up to bring this to life. 

There will be 2 periods throughout December where the Galactic Activation Portal (GAP) will be open: 5-14 Dec and 24-27 December.


On these days the Universal energy will be high. This high frequency energy can be physically challenging for some but great insights can be gained during these days. They are days to let your subconscious come to the forefront to release things that no longer serve you and are great days to connect to the divine to reactivate latent inner knowledge (Akashic records, supreme guidance, inspiration and manifestation). The GAP energy is generated by an integration of 2 cycles (the Pleiadian cycle and a Mayan moon cycle), merging to create accelerated frequency. 

22 December will mark the Winter Solstice, the darkest day and will see us move into Capricorn season. While most people consider the solstice to be a day, it is in reality an exact moment in time that falls upon that day. Our Earth is tilted in relation to the sun and the change in tilt gives us the seasons (its a lot more technical than that, but lets keep this simple). The word Solstice derives from the Latin 'solstitium' meaning 'Sun stands still' because the apparent movement of the suns path (north or south) stops momentarily before changing direction – and THIS moment is the important part. Think of it as a pendulum-like motion and recall sitting on a swing as a child. There is a moment of stillness as you reach maximum height on the swing before it changes direction. That is the space that is present at every solstice as the Earths orientation changes tilt. If you allow yourself to be meditation during that stillness you will experience something very unique, a portal of oneness, its almost like an invitation to know and integrate our own divinity. At this exact moment there no longer exists separate dimensions and separate realities. People spend many ours in meditation to find this deep still place. I have tried this and it is pure magick! 

As we move into Capricorn season our focus and satisfaction will come from our goals. We will become more serious, perhaps less sociable and our organization skills will become more finely attuned. 

The new moon on Thursday 26 December in Capricorn is also our annual solar eclipse. A solar eclipse on a new moon makes the new moon energy more powerful. During this time the sun and moon will align with lucky Jupiter, the planet of growth, abundance and good luck and as it is trining Uranus we can expect positive change, excitement and happy coincidences when you least expect it. Astrology King are saying this is the luckiest eclipse they have seen in a very long time as it also falls on a very fortunate fixed star. Expect to feel an enthusiastic urge to do all you can, to spread your wings and experience life to the fullest. Take note of your ideas on this day, its a new moon a great opportunity to put new plans in place and with the Capricorn energy behind you, there will be a clear plan of action and the motivation to take this forward. Just make sure you don't overeat the turkey and fall asleep and miss this lucky energy! 

One thing that will be important to recognize for December is the stellium in Capricorn. A stellium is a cluster of planets in one sign. From 2nd December through to 18th January we have at least 4 planets in Capricorn. When the sun moves into Capricorn on 22nd that will make 5 planets in Capricorn and when the moon moves through the zodiac and enters Capricorn on 25-27 December that will be 6. That is a huge amount of Capricorn energy. By the end of this period we will all know what it feels like to be a Capricorn as it will make that sign's traits more prominent in our personality and life.


Sacred Reiki is an English Energy Healer providing distance energy healings and energy reports. 

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