Seeing Spirits in Scotland 

Scotland is a land of real deal magic.

I am talking intense energies, fairies, angels, devas, Odin, haunted hotels, things that will completely change you for the rest of your life and more.  

I know this because I journeyed to Scotland as a spiritual hotspot during Samhain of 2019 and met some of the most magical people I have ever encountered on this physical plane, saw literal portals and not just with my third eye, communicated with my inter-dimensional spirit family and ancient stones and finally got to see what’s really under the rainbow.  

During this voyage or yatra I was accompanied by more than 50 strangers and throughout the trip some of these strangers transformed into friends… one of these friends is Shea who sat with me to discuss her experience with Scotland, what she saw there and more.     

Drawn to Scotland by its beautiful geography and megaliths Shea was definitely looking for more... and that is what she found

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