What's Slavic Witchcraft with Natasha Helvin 

"Karma doesn't exist in witchcraft. In witchcraft there is a balance."


The manipulation of energy has been practiced since the dawn of time all around the world . So no matter where you are you can find a history of magick. But there's one place where magic runs deep and it's peoples have a unique approach to magic that's not black nor white nor one that was defeated by Christianity. In this episode Natasha Helvin of Slavic Witchcraft and Russian Black Magic and I chat spells, philosophy and what some may call superstitions but we call simple magical tips for all occasions 

Natasha, how does the philosophy of Slavic witchcraft differ from other types of witchcraft? 

I think that all the witchcraft ,Folklore, folk magic is the same everywhere, is the same principles.  I would say it's probably more profound system because as you know, Russia is a little like third world countries. So there is a lot of people still leave like 100 years back I would say that in the United States in rural areas that people don't even have a Radio, so those people they keep practicing magic that other people forgot today 

Everywhere else. I would say it's more profound probably and they see the magic as a way of life what's probably the big difference not just to cast the spell like someone would say but they live by it.

I explained in my books about that and people who are interested in that kind of things ...It will give them a very good idea of understanding how static people see it.

ANIELLE - Yeah, I like the tone of your voice and the books and also on your site is very that magic is truly a tool and it's just a way of life . It wasn't this very fluffy like new sort of trend where magic is sort of a disposable thing and they even have the gods and goddesses as these disposable things. Oh you want love just call up Venus, so I kind of like this book in itself and both of the books and just your tone is very just so good for real witches and I'm not saying that there's fake witches, but I'm talking about people who are like  this is a lifestyle like you were saying it it's like a way of life in a lot of the parts of the world. It's not a toy. To say it's not a game.


NATASHA - Yeah, look there are witches that do it as a hobby. But there are witches which gee I mean I don't even know if I should call myself a witch, but because what like labels that's why we put on ourselves. So yeah witchcraft. I mean when people see that something goodness and we need to worship as I explained on my website 

Worshipping it is not a witchcraft. You don't worship in witchcraft. 

it's the world view worship and comes from religion is mystical or Karma, or you know that the attorney the other day one very famous  witch actually, which she was talking to me and she said oh you should be afraid of karma and I say that's funny I mean you call yourself a witch and you talk about Karma because karma comes from Monotheism yes karma doesn't exist in a witchcraft and witchcraft. There is a balance. There is no such a thing as a Karma. I'm not praying today. God, I'm gonna try and wash my sins I'm not sitting on my knees and worshipping some God to please forgive me. I was born to die. Clean me. I mean, that's crazy. There is no such thing as a karma. There is a balance. Yes 

So for the example.Example I can tell you .Say that there another day a lady asked me, well  I wanted to do bad to my husband and I'm afraid of karma because there is nature and nurture of thinking about karma again comes from Christianity so and I told her why don't you then go do the spell of judgment and not on punishment? mm-hmm, so you will feel better about yourself and  judgment will balance it. Yes 

ANIELLE - As you talk I was actually thinking to myself, but even before  Well, I wasn't around during the time before Christianity came and changed, you know paganism and pushed it, you know to be this occult thing but I wonder if this principle of karma was still around before Christianity said this is good. This is bad. I do believe that people still have their innate this is good for me and I don't feel comfortable doing it, but I wonder if someone had that idea of oh if I do that then I'll get in trouble before there was Christianity 

NATASHA - Well look even pagans back in time .They I don't think the pagans were believed in karma and that's their nonsense and absolute to them I mean if arrogance wanted to perform, let's say nowadays black magic they will go to the dark gods from the underground not thinking about Oh karma will find me. It's absurd it's totally absurd!

ANIELLE - Yeah, now I get what you're saying. Yeah, because it makes so much sense. You're right about this judgement and I think that to be a witch or someone who just would be defined as that is being someone who also is not afraid to be judged and doesn't have these sorts of judgments about working with a dark goddess like Lilith and Hecate versus working with angels and it's just working with different energies and that's it.

NATASHA- No people who? Afraid to do such a thing. She's not in the right place and sure it is from that. I mean as the first thing second thing if you come to magick and you try to worship. Let's say like you just now. Yeah, I mean she only leads I mean you're not worshiping them  I mean house life can get a slot or good day. You're asleep, but people confuse you know the Christianity over 2000 years make people forget where we come from and what  was there before this challenge? So what happened before that? Nobody asking themselves this I mean ?

ANIELLE -Exactly. I love this so much because there's just not really chat, but I think that there is a sort of  twisting of this modern paganism quote quote where there is a lot of Christianity within it that we're kind of talking about now where it's like well, they're not worshipping like Jesus and God they're like well "
I'm pagan I worship this goddess " But so much of it falls in line with what you were just saying like it's really not the old way. So I'm just I'm so happy that we're talking about this because I think a lot of people are trying to be, even in their discussion and other magical podcast, they don't want to offend anybody and then they end up just like not speaking the truth. So yeah, just like... But since we're talking about Christianity and paganism .

Did you happen to know that other cultures like you have mentioned, Haitian voodoo, did you know that other cultures sort of adopted or melded their pagan history with Christianity in the same ways?

NATASHA - I research a lot of occult. Um, I'm just like I say, I'm creature friggin folklore and all this cool stuff and our tourism. So I've been studying our different traditions and folklore and Haitian voodoo why ... I stopped and I pay more attention to these because there is some similarities like everywhere basically, like I say that folk magic everywhere is the same in every part of the world is just the way of World view I would say or folklore that's the nurturing in Haitian what the similarities is the base the foundation on as in storage witchcraft in Haitian. Voodoo. The base is to honor your ancestors first of all, and after all the gods comes so that's the the foundation of it and is very very similar how they work with the underworld with the dead. How they would say that black Marek in a Haitian Buddha.  He can chop soul of the dead person and make it work for him after their. So those things that are very similar, but I do strongly disagree with the dogma of it like sect I would say yeah, so I strongly disagree in this 


Do you think that?  If you are I guess born into a specific culture that it's almost your birthright to have access to that culture's magic that their occult history?

NATASHA - Everyone can do magic. I mean magic, where is it? Magic is in their energies your own energy in my second book, Russian, black magic in the book on chapter 4. I think I'm explaining What's the magic, is like I give this example that when you get there? The tool to break a rock you need to

ANIELLE - oh, yeah.

NATASHA - Yeah you remember that, right? You need to put your hand up and lower it down to the to the rock sub in encase to break it but you do that over and over again and your life will be broken, but the tool doesn't break the rock Yeah your energy and the movement you do with your hand 


The rest of this episode will continue after this message 
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NATASHA - Yeah your energy and the movement you do with your hand . That's what it breaks. So everyone has their eyes everyone can do it, but not all the people Relieving themselves on believe in their own magic in their own energy. They need to be confident , they need to be able to focus to concentrate to I Mean it does they're like a saying nature or nurture 

ANIELLE - Exactly. This actually reminds me of another part of I don't know which of the books it was but it was in one of your books in which you had detailed that a caster will be successful in casting spells involving someone else only if the other person isn't as strong as the caster so ...How can someone this is a hypothetical but for the listeners if they feel that they're quote unquote weaker than someone else

What type of witchcraft would you suggest they do or what type of mindset would you suggest they adapt? 

NATASHA - but if somebody  Energy. I'm not sure which part of my book with that day is if I hope they didn't change it if somebody will come to me with  stronger energy. I mean write and ask me to to do some work for him  first of all, if you feel that you're weak again, you can't work for the people don't even go that way and just practice. That if other person again has there is a cases though but even if you strong enough and another person has very powerful energy and very negative energy like in many ways all that's not gonna work. "Oh she's full of it, "you know no no Like really really full of this bad energy it can somehow maybe destroy the whole thing, but it again it depends on the constant I mean, yeah, if you don't do it for a whole band you it should be hella applying 

ANIELLE - Yeah, yeah, there are certain things for myself. I wouldn't call it weakness, but I just like to do my spells and my magic a certain way and so if I feel that if I deviate or if somebody else's energy gets into it that it won't work. So I'm just thinking to myself is that just me being methodical in my magic or is there a part of me that believes that other people's Interference and energies will mess with my own energy 

I see what you're saying. And I'm pretty sure there many people asking the same question at some point themselves I highly highly highly recommend to read my second book Russian black magic chapter 5 the in in UK's rule number 3 is fate  In chapter 5 the thing is that people and I explained that people they think that they can do everything and anything they can just go to website with some spell or they can go to the book get some scale. They can do that at home and everything is good . Okay now again, so that's not it before that you need to understand and that the basic rules principles yeah, and it's very important in order to how strong spell is those not as strong spell is nothing. I mean you don't need them and spells from the books . You can make it your own but you do need understand those principles those principles. This is magic itself . This is foundation. And this is all  reason .It's pure magic. If you can't master yourself, you have doubts. You don't have imagination. We don't have creative fantasy, you can't create anything  You can master somebody's else's spirit because you are the spirit when you do work for somebody else you need to master his spirit well, but if you don't master you at all how can you exactly?

ANIELLE - There's another part in Russian black magic were you also really just stuck it to the reader just like magic and I do believe that magic you know when you do know how to manipulate your own energy real miracles and that real magic does happen but there's a part in your book where I was like, ah, so true you said that magic will and I'm like paraphrasing magic will never make you rich enough to be lazy and I just loved that you said that because I found for myself once I started getting into magic at first it was like just to get something for myself. It was for this guy to call me so then that was like my first real candle magic thing and then it was like maybe just have more money Yeah, like I'd go out and be like, oh, I want to make more money but then once I started getting into it like it was like the lifestyle I realized  that that just kind of slipped away and I think it was because I was realizing my own power to the sensor  I don't need to ask for money to make me feel good and it just wasn't I don't know. It just stopped being a priority obviously money's a priority, but when it came to magic, I kind of just found myself ...I don't know just more interested in reading about magic itself and my magic just became so different. So I love that you mentioned that you're never gonna become so rich to become lazy and I think actually someone who's in this world is just so  fascinated by learning that there's a pursuit in this world of magic - 

NATASHA - Mmhmm. Yes. Yeah, and if you for we're saying I believe everyone who gives 100% of themselves to this craft is yeah, like you say you will start doing some small things but after all you find yourself you doing just it full time and you don't care about money. I mean, that's the spiritual food I call it you so happy that something that you didn't you actually like harvest your fruits you it's like wow that's the best feeling ever 

ANIELLE - Is there something that you could say really has changed you from when you were first beginning to really get into this world and do magic for other people?

Do you find that the younger you is different from the you now or you're doing stuff that you never thought you would have done? 

NATASHA - Well, let's just start that my first seance was at 7 years old with my mother my father my grandmother my sister. Magic may have just changed my husband... 

It never changed me in many ways because like I say for me it was a great was fun. I was talking in my previous radio podcast . That when we did this see ants when I was at seven years old .We did it as a tray, you know, like lady next door. She was suicide they say they she poisoned herself 

So my mother and we were curious if she was poisoned herself and somebody killed her so we want to call upon her spirit to find out if that's true...so things like that, I mean kids at seven-year-old. My sister was 10. I mean that's how it was. So okay every Holy holidays like Easter or Christmas a visitor divination on that all kind of divination think like home spirits in the mirror and what's up there? I know that their oldest spells they have namesake and the United States, but for us it was just like having fun, you know Christmas. Let's go! Let's let's find out who you made it to let's do the nations that 


ANIELLE - I found when I started going to seances as an adult afterwards, I would feel I guess it was that feeling a feeling like you finally found your people or you finally were home. And I usually I pretty much had I used to have this feeling a lot more I would just be like I just want to go home and it was almost like a feeling like knowing that I just didn't belong here. So it was like very weird and like home bad but um would go to seance. That's where I felt like, I'm not the only person.

You know, I think at least here and even though I work in New York City there's so many different people and it's you know tolerant and you can find Seances being held but it's not something so open and it's still like so hush and so to find that for me I was just like am I in heaven? Like this is really nice to not have to be solitaire and only be having discussions about magic through a podcast or going to like the dark corner of the bookstore to like find something so 

You're very lucky in that 

Well, I'll be honest with you 

I do communicate with these people, but I do not like that and I try not to do so 

My point of view is little bit different because first of all they're not pleasant, and I don't know maybe every person probably react differently to it .But I my reaction are totally like it's very bad. I don't like them. I'm not I'm not enjoying that I mean after causeI feel like there are a lot of emotions. They overwhelming I'm start crying and get depressed for a couple days I feel exhausted, it's very overwhelming  and I'm preferring not to do unless there is something that person needs to know. My last  communication with the deceased person was person wondering if his grandfather killed his grandma because there was a dead and they say that she asphyxiation. So he was wondering if grandfather killing his wife so that was the reason I communicated but I don't usually do that because we people we try to communicate with dead people mostly night medicine from the guilt. 


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NATASHA - Calm people we try to communicate with dead people mostly at night when I consent from the guilt that we didn't do something. That's that's not a isn't a cool exactly

ANIELLE - I really like that you mentioned that because When I went to my first day on with strangers and one girl just left balling and the guy who was hosting the seance was like afterwards reminding people like about psychically protecting yourself and you know, like don't hold on to the emotions (it would have been nice if he talked about that at the beginning)  but I realized that there are energies that I just do not want to connect with and I won't if I don't have to and I used to have people come to me when I first started doing readings and coming out to people as a professional all sorts of people would come and it was a lot of sometimes darker energies and just the feeling of that was like heavy and sticky and

NATASHA - mm-hmm 

ANIELLE - I just I like my energy to be very light and like fun and so I just was like I cannot do this so things that I personally won't do are things when people want to know like what their ex is doing like spying on a pole? No good reason I'm like  no, I can't do that and I used to do where people thought that they were cursed and I used to be like Oh, I'll confirm it. That was very dark... like it was kind of fun because I was like, whoa, I'm seeing stuff but it was just I had to like protect myself and like feel all this like dark energy and I was like "Why am I doing this?" so I don't just to say I totally understand what you're talking about like

Seance can be fun and it can be this beautiful thing and you're connecting with these lovely energies but it can also get real dark and real sad pretty quick. 



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NATASHA - Don't know like I say other people probably experience something different, but from my own experience I can speak and only and this is not something that I would like to do and like I say I don't like to bother dead people for for guilty reasons. You know that that's not something there are people that are common and they feel out the good energy, but these good energies again.  There is so make so floral or emotion and it's overwhelming is just you don't know how to express it. Sometimes you just  I'm broken down, you know it's and it can be good but it's not so good after all 

I think this is a perfect segue for my favorite segment of the show, which is pagan perspectives 

Some may think that being spiritual means you have no opinion nor perspective but this segment is here to prove that witches and energy workers aren't always above the drama and aren't indifferent or nonchalant about current event in this segment of pagan perspectives we talk about the hot and juicy topics that affect all of us : witches included. In this episode Natasha and I will be talking about superstitions are they indeed magical tips that when followed keep us away from loneliness and trouble, do YouTube celebrities have breakdowns because they take too many pictures at home.

Are most Americans divorced because they wore something old on their wedding day and are all single ladies with cats still single because they have a cat?

Do superstitions still impact people whether they believe in them or not ?

Natasha, what do you think? 

NATASHA -Well again, so everything about the energy and all these superstitions will receive them from our ancestors. We change they were noticed over the years generations and we always wanted border always receive something smoke from them and then be adding something ours and live down to generations so all the superstitions. Yes, I really was so because the energy when you making 1000 picture in person on YouTube will be single and sick and unhappy because you basically , you waste your energy to other people again The old spirits real energy. You don't know. How do you use it for even with just one eye you can help us. I know it's better I will say or it just spread your energy all over there because picture is picture where it's picture when they first someone invited it is it freezes your energy on the paper. I mean, that's something that you should think about or let's say if you sleep if you has been on two different roles, so if you if you have been on two different ...It's again we separate your energy there is nothing about like at night when we sleep and we travel in and we mix our images together and It's when you put like say even a bunch of pillows between you and your husband you already build a wall.

That's some kind of energy. I mean all that with me. Yes, I believe so.

ANIELLE - Yeah, when you were talking about that I literally for the first time was just seeing somebody just with like these psychic cords like going outside of themselves and I never really saw it in that way as sort of like when you're the celebrity the drain really comes from you just like putting your feelers out for other people's we like love me love me and you not like feeding yourself and finding that energy for yourself. So I really like how you just described it again. So simply like with the book ,On the podcast  magic and all of this talk doesn't need to be so complicated


So where can people actually go to talk magic, have magic performed by you 

NATASHA - I do private training 101 at my place. They can find it on my website worldofconjuring.com or they can just go search for my name Natasha Helvin. I prefer to do it one-on-one because I do not like to deal with groups real groups. There is always something will be missed. There will be two three people one person will be for fun so one-on-one training is perfect. You know this training I do highly recommend to people who really wants to spend their lives with it by it because they don't need to learn these principles rules foundations and then they just don't need the book of spells because spell the unit create your own spell whatever work for me won't work for you.

When you get a spell is just like a base of it, but you need to dress it up. You're the one who does it?

ANIELLE - Yes. Yes. So thank you so much for talking magic with us And of course for writing  Slavic Witchcraft and your upcoming book Russian Black Magic

Guys, This is the real deal. I love the book. It was chosen for our book club. So really check it out thank you so much for listening. Bye guys 

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