How to Cast Spells 

There are plenty of ways to get what you want.

My most favorite employs the magickal and the mundane but what is the magickal? What exactly are magickal ways to achieve your desires? 

Outside of influence, enchantment and shamanic work- the most magickal way to achieve your desires is via spellwork. This episode is about the basics in casting spells. How I prep for spells and how I go about casting some. 

Before I do any spell I confirm that what I am trying to obtain is going to be the best for me and my world and I do that with meditation and a little divination. Those methods allow me to communicate with the spirit world to see what the outcome of this spell being effective will be and aligns my desires themselves with my highest good.  

Sometimes when you are in in the situation you can’t see it fully so it is important to get a different perspective and or a wider view of the situation and this is easily achieved via mediation. 

Sometimes during meditation I find that what I thought I wanted is definitely not what I need and is just a symptom of an underlying issue that really needs to be addressed. At other times I find that I only wanted what I wanted because I was extremely tired and stressed and just in need of meditation itself.  


I don’t know about you but I can be really cranky and negative if I don’t meditate or sleep enough and it’s during those exhausted states that I make a lot of my worst decisions.  

For instance I may be obsessed about getting 1k to be credit card debt free. The exact dollar amount may be stressing me out and haunting my every thought but during the meditation i find that that amount is not all that I want and is a result of an underlying need -to be financially secure and literate. 

My core goals are not going to be met with the issuance of 1k so I know then that my spell should not only address my desire for 10k but my core desires of  financial security and knowledge. Asking not for a specific dollar amount but for that knowledge of what I really want will also free the universe to provide me with an even grander reward than just 1k. When asking for financial freedom and literacy instead of a specific dollar amount the universe can surprise you with even more than you would have thought possible.  

For instance, after asking for financial freedom instead of a set 1k in a spell you could later have the opportunity to enroll in a free governmental financial program that gives 20k to small business owners in addition to financial literacy courses so you can learn how to grow your net worth.  

Once you have a clear and true goal in mind achieved from clearing your mind of distractions from meditation you can then perform divination. At times there is no need to perform formal divination as while in meditation you can see the best future and will just know what to do. 

Sometimes your guides will communicate with you in mediation as well as provide you with even more insight.  

 But in other cases pulling out divinatory tools like runes,pendulums,numerology charts and my fave...tarot and oracle cards work just as well and provide detailed insight.  

My favorite spreads to do before spellcasting are to ask what I should keep in mind during the activation and creation of my spell and then doing a 2 timeline spread, where I draw 5 cards on one row and 5 cards on the bottom of that row with the top row representing the future outcome of the spell being cast and the bottom detailing the future if the spell was not cast. Seeing that allows me to see if this spell is something I should do and if I should modify it to avoid entering a not so benevolent future. They say knowledge is power and it definitely is  during spell casting. 

Whenever I would want to do a spell involving crystal grids, candles and just pure intention for money alone, the cards would always tell me no you need to do more spell work for love…..  

Whenever I would pull cards asking what I should think about in this spell or what exact spell I could base this upcoming spell on from either the Witchlings Spell Deck by US Games  or Magickal Spellcards by Blue Angel I would most ofen get a card reflecting something I had not thought about it like love or magickal powers when on the onset I was wanting just cold hard cash.  


Sometimes we are just not ready to achieve certain things and having the things we want may bring about our own destruction or we just don’t understand that what we want is a result of having something else. Divination shows us that.  

Looking back I am glad I focused more on love as a result of these card draws as I realize that that is what I really needed at that time and I can now see the relationship between love and prosperity so clearly. 

So after confirming what the goal of your spell is from meditation and divination you can decide how you are going to let  this manifest. Some goals may be a tangible item, experience or feeling. Tangible items may be a certain amount of dollar bills, a car, a house or an experience can be a vacation or a job opportunity or a feeling can just be  happiness the feeling of security and being loved. 

You can make this happen via  a simple thought sent to the universe, writing it on your calendar, a lit candle, creating a sigil, a detailed and lengthy ritual or crystal grid, inviting and appealing to spiritual beings to have them grant your desire, or maybe  combining a few kitchen items together to craft your spell. 

Your intuition will let you know what is the right means and that is why it is extremely important to meditate before spell casting so that you can more clearly hear and  follow your intuition and receive divine guidance from this calm and clear state of mind. Sometimes during or before spell work certain benevolent spirits will come forward- of course only if you have allowed them to- and will help you in the process. Before i do any meditation I cast a circle of protection around me which allows only my guides of love and light, angels fairies, animal guides and other guides to watch the magick and assist only when it causes no harm. 

At times they let me know if a certain ingredient from my kitchen should be used in the spell casting. And don’t worry if you don’t work with other energies in your magick you can find a list of magickal ingredients online or in spiritual books to refer to in the creation of your spell. And you may even find that you will just know what should be used.  

I have a book of magickal ingredients that I occasionally refer to before casting spells so I have a general idea of  supplies I may need in house. There is nothing worse than being in the zone and realizing that you are missing one of your favorite ingredients and may not have a substitute for it easily accessible.  

So having a spell book or time to peruse certain magickal ingredients before you embark on the spell are good steps to take.  

Some spells may take days in preparation as certain supplies and ingredients are hard to come by or need to be activated on certain days. Some people only like to use crystals that have been charged under the moonlight of a waxing or waning moon or only use spring water- so these ingredient limitations can lengthen the time you need to wait before formally casting your spell.  

So just because you have figured out what exactly you are going to be casting for, it doesn’t mean that you have to cast that spell on that exact night. 

You may need to get different supplies or wait for the perfect moon cycle, day or time to initiate the spell.  

A lot of practictioners of Solomon’s Magick perform certain rituals in conjunction with astrological activity so for example, a spell to enhance business opportunities would be performed on Thursday and during the hour of Jupiter in a waxing moon cycle and not at any other time.  


I personally like to wait to perform certain spells when I feel the time is right, and that feeling is when I am ready to accept the result of the spell as having already been achieved. There are alot of times when I would wish for more opportunity, more money, more of more but in my heart I knew that there was a blockage and that i really wouldn’t be able to handle that more if it came, so I only performed the spell when I knew that I would be ready for the spell to take effect.  

This is true for a lot of my money spells because for years and I am actually still clearing these old programs I have believed that I  don’t deserve the more that I am wanting to cast spells for and that belief may not inhibit the spell from working but it will keep me from maintaining its benefits and ensuring that the result of the spell will make a positive influence in my life.  

So again that’s another reason why it is so important to prep for spells using meditation and divination. They will let you know if you  yourself are ready to perform it and receive it.  

What I find to be really fast acting spells are those using sigils and appealing a benevolent friend in the spirit world. For glamour spells working the fairies is highly advised and when I performed a glamour spell with their assistance I saw the result no less than a day later.  

During some spells you will feel that it has already been effective during the casting. I find that happens a lot during candle spells and during crystal grids. Spells that I find are extremely powerful but sometimes can be seen immediately and sometimes not are those requests made with angels. I find that the angels answer requests on a very holistic level so if you ask for money they will not only give you the money but give you the knowledge to make more, the feeling of security and take away the fears you may have regarding money. They may take a bit longer to fruition but the results are definitely more astounding than you could have ever imagined for yourself.  

To work any spell after you have done the preliminary steps of meditation, divination and looking up and acquiring ingredients if applicable I highly suggest lighting a candle and lighting this 11:58 candle with full intent. This candle can be from a Botanica with your typical Hoodoo packaging, dressed with relevant oils and herbs or just dressed with your intention or be a simple white candle that is there in your space.  

This candle will serve as a monitor letting you know how effective your spell can be, even if you are not directly using candle magick in your spell. The flame color, length and strength and even smoke can tell you how your spell will lay out.  

If you are using the candle solely as a monitor I highly advise the use of white soy candles that are not encased in glass so you can monitor not only the flame but the drip itself and if you would like you can scry into the wax. There is a whole practice of divination formed from looking at how the dripped melted wax of your candle forms and the images it makes therein. 

In addition to your candle you should have all of your supplies nearby in your working space.  

I feel comfortable leaving my circle or space during magick working but if you are not then you should definitely have everything you need at an arms length during your casting. Popular items are fruits like apples, herbs like cinammon and sage, salt, candles, a match, a journal or holy book, crystals, bells, bowls, chimes, oils etc.  

I also like to have certain music playing during spell casting so I have created a Youtube playlist dedicated to casting of a duration longer than an hour so I don’t need to ever get up to change the playlist. If you are very social you can consider putting your phone on mute or airplane mode or even having it out of your space in order to not distract you. Certain electronics carry a vibration that I don’t believe is conducive to magickal workings. If you insist on having electronic items make sure to like all of your other items smudge them before bringing them into your space.  

You want to make sure that the only energy within your space is the energy you want to have with you during the spell casting.  

Once your space and you are prepped- You have been smudged or have performed your protective rituals and are in the state conducive for the spell you can begin. A conducive state is one in which you are calm and meditated  or one in which you are ready to release your intense emotions to be used as fuel for your spell but making sure and having the control to not allow yourself to succumb to any negative feelings and emotions.  

You can then perform your spell in your space.  

These types of spells that require a magickal space are usually candle, kitchen and crystal magick for obvious reasons.  

Candle magick should be performed in a safe space meaning not out in nature or next to highly flammable ingredients, Crystal grids require a certain amount of space to place the crystals in either simple or highly ornate structures and Kitchen magick also needs space for all of your ingredients that you may decide need to be heated or prepped in certain ways that may make a mess.    

Other magick that involves other dieties and energies may need specific spaces- spaces that appeal to them- if you would like to work with Greek goddesses or elementals or planetary energies then your space should reflect that.  If you are inviting a Catholic saint to work with then you probably shouldn’t have certain pagan items or items representing other dieties that may offend or just not mesh with that particular saint.  

During your spell working it is important to be focused on expressing your intent but it is of even more importance to be able to hear and see how it is being received. In addition to having the candle as a monitoring system you can monitor how you feel during the spell or ritual.  

At times you will just know that your spell is complete or you may even hear it clairaudiently. During spell casting it is important to have your psychic senses up so you can see or know that the spirit world is on your side and has worked/is working or will work on it with you.  

During one spell working with a particular goddess I clearly heard the words it is done and felt this rush of power within me. This spell called for me to drink a bit of a fruit wine to formally end the spell and with just a sip I felt the most magickal feeling flowing within me.  

During spell work you will become aware of various degrees of power from yourself and from the energies working alongside you so it is important to be able to pay attention.  

That is why I advise meditation and not mind altering substances like psychedelics, alcohol and drugs to be used in spell work. As spell work gathers a large amount of energy it invites the attention of different spiritual energies and it is just as important to have your guides and psychic wards protecting your space as it is for you to be mentally and psychically alert and not off by chemical substances.  

Some of the most effective spells are those simple spells done during those mundane sober hours. Times in which there were no hours of prep work and meditation done prior but just you in a sober state writing your wishes and placing it in a prayer box or a journal or just leaving a sigil someplace or just speaking to your angels and guides in your mind. 

From having constant communication with some of my guides, I have found that there is no need to have elaborate rituals to invite them into my life to perform work. You can just merely ask for guidance in your mind and you will receive it. Most of the time I receive that guidance in less than an hour.  

Spell work, doing something to get what you want doesn’t have to be time consuming, expensive or even meticulously planned. At the end of the day it just needs to be filled with a concentrated effort which can be found in pure desire and a pure request . 

Have you ever cast a spell?


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