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is a diverse 44 card deck and detailed guidebook set

inspired by the isle of Iona that provides you with the knowledge and inspiration to navigate through ascension, spiritual growth and change

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  • The Golden Light Oracle
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A spiritual 44 card deck for peace and power during difficult times and spiritual awakenings. With diverse characters and relaxing art this is a gentle yet powerful deck for readers of all kinds looking for wisdom and serenity along their spiritual journey.

Deck Details Language: English Created by Anielle Reid Illustrated by Cindy Monroy

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This deck is a tool to connect with the power and wisdom of your soul

A black girl wearing a flower crown is holding an apple in the abundance oracle tarot card from The Magick and Mediums Oracle

Easy to Use

With colorful art and bold keywords on each borderless card you can connect to your:  

  • Soul Truth
  • Spirit Guides
  • Intuition
  • Magic

with ease in readings for yourself and others.

This deck is designed to:  

  • Provide sage guidance and messages from spiritual guides

  • Be a more approachable and lighter alternative to the tarot 

  • Give insight on questions concerning the past, present and future  

  • Highlight universal spiritual principles and deep truths

  • Be accessible to anyone wanting to connect to the power and wisdom of their own soul

  • Be a tool for those undergoing change

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