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The magick and mediums oracle

is a diverse 45 card deck and detailed guidebook set

inspired by modern day witchcraft and ritual that provides you with messages from the spirit world to bring more power and clarity to YOUR life. 

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The Magick and Mediums Oracle Deck is a 45 card deck introducing you to the magick that lies within and the the magic just beyond the veil.  With fantastical art it serves as a spiritual tool for insight and clarity.

This deck comes with: a 152 page guidebook, 45 original oracle cards in a custom top lid bottom box with art on both the interior and exterior

Product details Publisher: Running Elk LLC Language: English Created by Anielle Reid  Illustrations by Alicia Matthieu - Ash Coloured

ISBN-13: 978-0-692-04335-6

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  • Journal
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Document your card reads and insights in this softcover journal filled with writing prompts and full illustrations from the Magick and Mediums Oracle.

JOURNAL INFORMATION: 5x8 216 pages ISBN: 978-0-578-41786-8

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This deck will empower you to find your magick and confidently use it.

Easy to Use

With clear imagery and bold keywords on each card you can connect to your:  

  • Intuition  
  • Spirit Guides
  • Higher Self
  • Ancestors

with ease in readings for yourself and others.


    A woman is holding The Magick and Mediums Oracle Card Deck in her hands wearing red and leopard clothing and a bracelet with red nail polish. The deck has occult moon, lunar,third eye imagery

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