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This month's title, Familiars in Witchcraft explores the history and relationship humanity has with guardian spirits and familiars.  

After reading you will have a clearer understanding of :

  1. Familiars and Totems 
  2. Goddesses like Cybele and Isis
  3. Oracles
  4. The Religious Patriarchy
  5. Evolutionary Biology

You'll Also Learn Keywords Like:

Ancestor- Atavism - Belly Talkers - Daimon - Divination - Doppelganger -Dragon - Engastrimythos - Fairies - Fate - Familiar - Genius -Grigori - Harlot - Holy Spirit - Kuan Yin - Kerubim - Leprechaun -Oracle - Phantasma - Pithos - Prayer -Pristesses - Pygmy - Rishis - Soul mate - Succubi -Taoist - Totem - Tumah 


Join us on Instagram Live @magickandmediums on Monday July 22 and Monday July 29 at 10pm EST as we discuss the concepts of the book together in addition to sharing our experiences with spirit familiars of all kinds. 

On 7.22 we will discuss  the role of the Oracle in our lives and how that role has been demonized.

On 7.29 we will discuss the role of familiars in our lives and our personal experiences with them.

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