The Podcast

Real witches, Anielle of Magick and Mediums and Rachel Wilkinson of Lifemancy review your favorite shows and detail if the witchcraft depicted is really true.

If you want to know:

  • the magick behind TV magic, if the spells and rituals in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix  are real

this is the podcast for you. 

Be introduced to a magical audience

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Millions of Americans are listening to podcasts” - CNBC

Who listens to the podcast?

Largely female millennial and Gen-Z spiritual seekers and readers representing more than 51 countries listen to the show's hosts Anielle Reid and Rachel Wilkinson.

The majority of our listeners on Apple and Spotify reside in the:

  • US
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia

Our series attracts a large proportion of women listeners interested in learning and performing real witchcraft. 

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Audio reaches people where video does not.”

What is the Witches watch tv Podcast?

Witches Watch TV is an educational podcast featuring Anielle Reid of Magick and Mediums and Rachel Wilkinson of Lifemancy. Created in 2020, it's mission is to promote magical shows and dispel the myths surrounding occult practices and real witchcraft in the media in a fun and engaging way.

What's the show format and frequency?

Episodes are published weekly and are 15-25 minutes long. Each episode consists of an educational segment, game-show portion and dialogue between the show's hosts.  

Who are the Hosts?

Anielle Reid is a psychic-medium- channel, author/creator of the Magick and Mediums Oracle  and host of the Magick and Mediums podcast and Energy Report Podcast. She has been featured on WNYC Greene Space, TED Talks and various podcast shows like "The Goddess Collective" "Charmed Life",  and more. When she is not channeling nor writing she is playing banjo in her folk duo Boy Girl Banjo.

Rachel Wilkinson is a writer and the creator of the Lifemancy Podcast. 

Why Advertise with witches watch tv?

Audio reaches people where video does not (when people are running, commuting, working, etc) The hosts of Witches Watch TV have an existing relationship with those who want to live a life of magick and appeals to a group of affluent listeners  hungry for  spiritual content and products.

The podcast is the ideal forum to advertise and bring awareness to your

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