Best Crystals for Slavic Witches

Best Crystals for Slavic Witches

Do you want to know which crystals are the best for those interested in Slavic Witchcraft, Native Faith practices or Rodnovery?

In this video we’re going to show you the best crystals that we recommend for anyone who wants to connect with their ancestors and bring more magic into their lives.

#4 is Amber

While technically not a crystal… Amber possesses ancient energy and is a healing stone found along the Baltic Sea. Around 90% of Baltic amber is found in Russia but Amber can be found hundreds of miles away from the Baltic in places like Poland and Ukraine.  

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In earlier centuries amber was used in jewelry, as talismans and also by Russians in the 19th century who were known to smoke tobacco through pipes with amber mouthpieces. 

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#3 is Turritella Agate

This is a variety of Chalcedony that is strongly associated with connecting you to your personal roots and your ancestry. As Rodnovery has a strong emphasis on ancestry and family this is the perfect crystal to help you connect to your forefathers.

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#2 is Carnelian

Carnelian has been known to be used as beads since the Early Neolithic in Bulgaria.  This orange, red stone is known to empower its wearer and instill courage and confidence. As one of the cornerstone principles within Slavic native faiths is that you have the power to change your life and don’t need an Abrahamic god to save you the courage instilling stone is perfect for reminding you of your innate power. 

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#1 is coral

As it is one of the most popular stones worn by Slavic women throughout history Coral is a staple of traditional Slavic folk dress. Coral necklaces were traditionally worn as an amulet or as a symbol of status where the more beads one wore the more prosperous one was.

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Coral is one of the most beautiful and protective stones in our list.  

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