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The Magick and Mediums Oracle Deck  is a 45 card deck introducing readers to the magick within.  With fantastical art it serves as a spiritual tool for insight and clarity.

Feel free to find magick and inspiration with the Magick and Mediums Oracle Deck and its accompanying 152 page guidebook.

45 original oracle cards  Custom top lid bottom box with art on both the interior and exterior High quality print  Illustrations by Alicia Matthieu Created by Anielle Reid 

Product details Publisher: Running Elk LLC Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0-692-04335-6

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  • Cloth
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A 22x22 soft cloth that is perfect for shuffling and spreading your cards and laying out a card spread that also functions as a bandanna!

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Magick and Mediums Bundle
  • Magick and Mediums Bundle
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Get more than 11% off when you purchase this bundle including:

THE MAGICK AND MEDIUMS DECK ($58 value) A 45 card deck introducing you to the magick within and magical methods

THE MAGICK AND MEDIUMS JOURNAL ($25.99 value) A 216 fully illustrated workbook filled with inspiring quotes, insightful questions and writing prompts.

THE MAGICK AND MEDIUMS CLOTH: ($29.99 value) A 22x22 soft cloth that doubles as a bandanna that makes for a perfect altar cloth or fashion accessory.

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The Magick and Mediums Oracle

Be introduced to the Magick within and the magic just beyond the veil. With fantastical art this 45 card deck and guidebook serves as a spiritual tool for insight and access to real magick. 

As each card details occult knowledge and step-by-step instruction to bring more of the sacred into your life use of this deck will empower you to find your magick and confidently use it.


Find Your Magick, Use Your Magick ”

Discover Magick in your Life

- Use your intuition

- Make sense of unexplainable experiences and feelings

- Hear messages from your spirit guides, passed loved ones and  ancestors

- Get guidance from beyond the veil

- Learn how to overcome obstacles with a touch of magick


Learn Magick”

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