Can you use magic to get someone back?

Can you use magic to get someone back?

Have you ever thought that someone was trying to win you back... not with grand gestures but with magic?

In this video, psychic medium and card deck creator, Anielle Reid shares how one man tried to conjure her back into his life with a little bit of magic.



It is possible to conjure someone into your life with a bit of belief and the right amount of conjure magic. Popular methods are to

  • print a photo of the person and post it on a vision board or in a place you frequent
  • journal as if you are with them right before you go to bed
  • give thanks for having them in your life- even if they are not yet
  • live your life as if they are already in your life

There are a million YouTube videos on attracting your SP (Specific Person) and if you are dedicated you can conjure anyone into your life, even a witch!


If you want to use magic to bring someone into your life or think that someone is using magic to bring you into their life book a session with psychic-medium, Anielle Reid.



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