How to cast spells with a Ouija Board

How to cast spells with a Ouija Board

What is a Ouija board? 

An Ouija board, also known as a spirit board or talking board, is an interactive tool for divination and conversation with the supernatural. It consists of a flat board marked with the letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers 0-9, and words like “yes”, “no”, and sometimes “hello” and “goodbye”. The board is used in conjunction with a planchette (a small heart-shaped piece of wood or plastic), which is placed on top of the board. During sessions, participants place their fingers on the planchette to move it along the board in order to spell out words that they believe are coming from spiritual entities.

This practice originated in the United States in spiritualist camps during the 19th century when people believed that they could communicate with spirits of those who have passed away. Although different variations of this divination tool have existed for centuries, the modern Ouija was patented by Hasbro in 1966 and has remained popular ever since. Ouija boards are still widely used today by people looking to make contact with supernatural powers outside of our realm. 

How do you cast spells with an Ouji board? 

Using an Ouija board to cast spells is a powerful practice that should be done with care and respect. It can be used to communicate with spirits and ask for their assistance in spell-casting. Before beginning, it’s important to create a sacred space for your board. You can light a few candles, sage sticks, and place other magical items around the board. This will help create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for both the caster and the spirits wanting to connect and work magic.  

Once the space has been established, the caster should begin by calling upon any spirit guides or deities that may aid them in their spell work. It is also important to state your intentions clearly before beginning your spell work; this allows you to focus your energy on what you are asking from the spirits. Once all of these steps have been completed, the caster can allow their fingers to lightly touch the planchette. The intention here is for one's finger movements alone to move it around the board without pushing it consciously. After holding this intention for some time, answers will begin appearing on the board through messages from spirit entities such as angels, ancestors or other divine beings. 

It is important for one doing this type of spell work to remain focused during their session and not get distracted by anything else going on in their lives at that moment. I highly suggest the mage to record the session by having a recorder or phone recording the session so there is no need to leave the board to write notes.  

During the session the mage should ask questions on what should be done in the spell, what ingredients should be used and what will happen as a result of the spell. The mage should always keep in mind that some spirits have an agenda of their own so listen to everything that is coming in with a grain of salt and know that what is coming through are suggestions and what could happen on a timeline that the mage is NOT obliged to enter.  

The mage should also remember to close off their session properly; do so by expressing gratitude towards any spirit entities involved and thanking them for their help before exiting the sacred space created earlier in preparation of this work. By following these steps when using an Ouija Board for casting spells, one will be able to find success in communicating with spiritual energies in the spell creation process safely and effectively. 

One of the most popular spells that can be cast with a Ouija board? 

Ancestral healing is a popular spell that can be cast with an Ouji board. This spell requires you to communicate with your ancestors and work through their wisdom to heal any traumas or pain that have been passed down from generation to generation. The spell begins with calling upon the spirits of your ancestors and asking them for help in healing. During the ritual, you can use different symbols, herbs, and oils to help create a connection between yourself and your ancestors. For example, burning sage is said to help open up channels for communication so that you can hear the advice of your ancestors more clearly.  You can even provide a baked offering or provide an offering to them before you sit down with your board.  

Additionally, some practitioners will offer prayers or other invocations in order to honor their ancestors before asking for their guidance. Some of my ancestors asked for me to put money in an ancestor piggy bank and read or sing parts of the bible before I ever worked with them in a session.  

You may find that your ancestors have unique requests and preferences so you can address them before you ask questions of them with the Ouji to start the spell.  

Once you have given your opening offering you can record the session with your phone and begin asking questions, it’s important to take some time to reflect on what was learned during the experience before allowing yourself to step away.  Ancestral healing spells are powerful tools for understanding how our familial lineage has shaped us as individuals and allowing us to heal from any inherited trauma so this spell may take some time and energy. 

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