How to know you've been cursed or hexed

How to know you've been cursed or hexed

Have you ever felt off and that something or someone was out to get you?

Well, you could have been a victim of witchcraft, most specifically, the evil eye, a curse or hex. In this video, psychic-medium channel Anielle Reid shares 4 ways to tell if someone has been doing spell work and black magic against you.



1. You are thinking about them

You may find them randomly popping up in your thoughts. If you have never thought about them regularly but find yourself thinking about them out of nowhere and on multiple occasions it could be because they are really thinking about you and doing a working on you. 

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2. You are attracted to protective talismans and spiritual guardians

If you have never been attracted to evil eye jewelry, crosses, protective crystals and other protective talismans, beings and mantras but find yourself drawn to them, almost obsessed that is because you need to protect yourself. 

3. You get confirmation via signs and readings

You may start to see ominous signs like unlucky numbers or animals representing death or trickery (snake, rats, foxes, etc.) everywhere. You may even find yourself hearing about curses and hexes in seemingly random conversations. If you watch tarot readings or energy readings online, you may get actual confirmation from the psychic or card reader that someone has put mal de ojo on you. Finally, the person may admit their true intentions to you jokingly or straightforwardly. They may tell you that they are jealous of you or that they don't think you pursuing a certain goal makes sense, etc.

4. The person will randomly check-in on you

The person may want to see if their spell work is effective by "checking in" on you. They may reach out to find out how you are in the hopes that you aren't doing well. If you tell them that you are doing fine, or there is nothing new you may detect some disappointment or boredom from them. 


If you would like to find out if you have been cursed or hexed book a private session with psychic medium, Anielle to find out. Learn how to protect yourself and banish negative energies from your life with our decks and readings.





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