Why your spells aren't working I Manifestations aren't coming true

Why your spells aren't working I Manifestations aren't coming true

Have you ever wondered why the spell you cast isn't working or why your intentions have not manifested?


1. The spell goes against other spells you have cast

Some people just aren't meant to be in our lives. No matter how many spells you cast for a specific person to enter into your life they just won't, and it could be because you have cast a spell in the past that is prohibiting their entry. If you have cast a protection spell or a spell to bring you wealth or self-love- those spells will prohibit any dangerous, money leeching, narcissist access into your life. 

If you want a specific person or situation to enter into your life you may have to ask for your protections to be lifted and for your other spells to be undone. 

2. You haven't paid your guides, deities and ancestors for their help with this spell.

It is important to maintain your altar and provide your guides and ancestors with continuous offerings and communication. If you don't do this, you may find that they are reluctant to help you with big spells without a big payment. 


3. The spell goes against the agenda your spirit guides and allies have

Just because your ancestors have helped you directly, it doesn't mean that they will help anyone else. Your guides and spiritual allies have ties to you and a relationship with you, not your friends or clients. Do not expect them to extend their blessings and protections to people that they don't know.


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