Have you ever wondered "Am I hearing things?"

Have you ever wondered "Am I hearing things?"

Have you ever wondered "Am I hearing things?"

It's most likely that you were hearing voices and you weren't going crazy. If you hear things, you may be hearing messages from the Spirit world.

You may be a clairaudient medium!

In this video psychic-medium and card deck creator, Anielle Reid shares 6 ways to know that you are clairaudient for sure.



1. What you are hearing is unlike your own voice

Your ego is limited. So, if you are "making up" these voices they will most likely talk in a tone of voice and style that you have heard of before. Most spirited messages sound nothing like your voice. The style, phrasing and words used are completely unlike your own. They may even be in a foreign language you have never heard of before!

2. What you are hearing is pretty random

Clairaudient messages can come at any time and can be related to what the speaker and sender of these messages wants to convey. Most of the time their messages have NOTHING to do with what you are doing at the time. These messages will be incredibly random and will most likely not make sense to you at the time and will have no direct relation to the activity you are doing when you receive them.

3. What is shared is wise and informative

Clairaudient messages usually come from guides who live on different planes and therefore see things from a higher perspective. Many guides who share clairaudient messages are angels, spirits of passed loved ones, ascended masters and very intelligent and spiritual beings. They usually share information on sacred geometry, the universe, metaphysics, history and more.  

4. The voices and messages make you feel SOMETHING

Hearing messages from truly high vibe beings like angels, ascended masters, goddesses and gods will change you. They will make you feel something. When these beings communicate with us, they are not just sharing words and messages but energy. You will feel that energy in the messages they share, and that energy will never lie. When you encounter a darker energy no matter what is being said you will feel a darkness in the message. That darkness can be in getting goosebumps, shivers and a feeling of disgust, sadness, fear or anger. 

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5. You have had ringing in the ear (that was NOT tinnitus)

Ringing in the ear is a classic ascension symptom that usually precedes the ability to hear messages and spirit. 

6. You are musical

Guides speak to you in ways that you allow and are most comfortable with. If you are a musical person, you will most likely receive messages in the form of songs and sounds. 


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Anielle is a psychic medium and card deck creator who can tell you more about your unique psychic and mediumistic abilities: how to use them and more. 

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