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The Magick and Mediums Oracle is a 45-card deck that gives you the opportunity to improve your connection to your intuition and explore your magical abilities so you can make the best decisions in your life AND move about in life with awareness. Use of this deck will decrease anxiety and confusion in your life as it provides straight-to-the point advice concerning your life fast! 

As each card is inspired by beings and methods from various spiritual paths from Hoodoo, Tantra, Golden Dawn, Paganism, New Age and more this is an incredibly diverse deck that is highly accessible. As the guidebook details occult knowledge and step-by-step instruction concerning esoteric topics use of this deck will empower you to find your power and use your magic!

It is designed to elevate your psychic abilities and increase your knowledge so you can use your newly acquired understanding of magic and mediumship, astrology and ascension in your favor.


Perfect for Mediumship

The Magick & Mediums Oracle is perfect for those who want to communicate with spirits of passed loved ones and magical beings. The cards and guidebook provide guidance on how to communicate with divine beings and gain insight into the spiritual realm. By reading the cards you can find messages from beyond and deepen your understanding of the spirit world.

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What is Magick?

Magick is spelled with a "K" to authenticate true magic which is a manipulation of energy according to a being's will. Magick is differentiated from stage magic.

What is the size of the cards?

88x126 mm

Do I have to identify as a witch or pagan to be able to use this deck?

No. This deck is accessible to all looking to use cartomancy as a form of divination. It is perfect for those who are adept at readings and perfect for beginners to tarot and divination. Some who use the deck identify as lightworkers, mystics, witches, healers, etc.

What kind of paper are the cards?

330 gsm German black core

What language is the guidebook written in?


Is this a tarot deck?

No, this is an oracle deck meaning that it doesn't adhere to the traditional Rider Waite Smith or Thoth System. 

How many cards are in the deck?