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Magick and Mediums

The Magick and Mediums Oracle

The Magick and Mediums Oracle

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The Magick and Mediums Oracle Deck is a diverse 45 card divination deck that helps you connect with your intuition and psychic abilities. With fantastical art it serves as a spiritual tool for insight, clarity and mediumship.

This deck comes with an easy-to-read guidebook that lists card meanings and provides step-by-step instruction on spellcasting and applying eclectic magical methods in your life from kitchen magick, astrology, crystal grids, rootwork and more.

Whether you are a professional psychic, practicing pagan or tarot reader this card deck is for you. As every card comes with intuitive art and an easy-to-read keyword on the bottom, this deck is perfect for beginners who are new to tarot and those who are looking for a new deck to add to their oracle, lenormand and tarot collection. 

The  45 original oracle cards in a sturdy top lid bottom box with art on both the interior and exterior.

Product details Publisher: Running Elk LLC Language: English Created by Anielle Reid  Illustrations by Alicia Matthieu - Ash Coloured

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