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The Golden Light Oracle is a 45 card deck perfect for those who are undergoing times of spiritual growth and change. Through its beautiful, soft art inspired by the Scottish Isle of Iona and Fair Isle, it provides comfort and advice that can help in navigating challenging times. Whether you are a lightworker, energy healer, or just looking for some spiritual guidance, the Golden Light Oracle is here to help.

Meet your Spirit Guides

The Golden Light Oracle is an invaluable guide for those looking to explore spirituality and mysticism. It serves as a comforting companion, introducing you to the inherent power that lies within yourself and all around you.

This comprehensive set contains everything you need to explore the world of energy, including a full deck of specially designed cards and an easy-to-follow guidebook that's fully illustrated. The cards feature beautiful imagery and symbolism, so you can feel inspired each time you use them. With their help, you’ll get answers to your questions about life and be guided deeper into understanding your own spiritual journey.

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What is the Golden Light referring to?

The Golden Light Oracle was inspired by the Golden Light that is associated with Christ Consciousness and a specific ray of healing that utilizes a literal golden light for healing, protection and spiritual upgrades.

What is the size of the cards?

88x126 mm

Do I have to identify as a lightworker or Christian witch to use this deck?

No. This deck is diverse and accessible to all people not just those who identify as lightworkers, starseeds and healers. People who may find traditional tarot to be too dark or taboo for them will find the positive energy of this deck as a perfect beginner's deck into the world of divination and cartomancy.

What kind of paper are the cards?

330 gsm German black core

What language is the guidebook written in?


Is this a tarot deck?

No, this is an oracle deck meaning that it doesn't adhere to the traditional Rider Waite Smith or Thoth System. 

How many cards are in the deck?