Connect to Slavic Roots

The Slavic Oracle is a 33-card deck that gives you the opportunity to connect to ancient Slavic roots and Slavic paganism (Rodnovery) in an easy and accessible way. Inspired by Slavic rituals like Kupala night and mythology like Baba Yaga, this deck introduces you to Slavic culture AND provides blunt advice to your questions about life. It is designed to help you connect to your ancestors when put on an ancestor altar AND help you discover the power of your intuition. Use of this deck will help you gain insight into how you can make the best decisions for yourself.


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The deck has clear imagery and straight-to-the-point keywords on each card, making it easy to interpret.

No matter your question, The Slavic Oracle can provide an answer in a daily card pull or a one-three card spread.

Let the stories and lessons of Slavic beings like the mysterious Rusalka, Leshy, Domovoi and the wild witch, Baba Yaga guide and advise you concerning questions about your work, money and relationships.

With an easy-to read guidebook and intuitive art this deck takes the mystery out of divination and makes it easy for both those new and old to tarot to use and understand.

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What is Slavic?

Relating to or denoting the branch of the Indo-European language family that includes Russian, Ukrainian, and Belorussian (East Slavic), Polish, Czech, Slovak, and Sorbian (West Slavic), and Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian, and Slovene (South Slavic).

What is the size of the cards?

88x126 mm

Do I have to be Slavic to be able to use this deck?


What kind of paper are the cards?

330 gsm German black core

What language is the guidebook written in?


Is this a tarot deck?

No, this is an oracle deck meaning that it doesn't adhere to the traditional Rider Waite Smith or Thoth System. 

How many cards are in the deck?