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The Slavic Oracle

The Slavic Oracle

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The Slavic Oracle is a 33 card deck connecting you to ancient Slavic roots, paganism and mythology. This oracle offers guidance, healing and straight-to-the-point answers to help you face the challenges of life with clarity and empowerment. With art and symbols that evoke ancient Slavic Gods, Goddesses and folktales, this deck can be used for personal exploration and spiritual insight as well as readings for others. It is the perfect deck to connect to powerful Slavic roots and ancestors.

Whether you are looking to learn more about customs like Dziady and Kupala night or Slavic mythology like the tales of the wild witch Baba Yaga or the helpful house spirit, Domovoi you will learn more about the native spirituality of Slavic countries like Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Belarus, Russia, Czechia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia and more. 

For more info visit: Connect to Slavic Roots – Magick and Mediums

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