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The Latin Love Oracle

The Latin Love Oracle

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The Latin Love Oracle is a 33 card deck providing answers to questions regarding your life and relationships that celebrates the history, culture and magic of Latin America.

Discover the wisdom and magic of indigenous and Hispanic rites like the Bolivian Tinku, Dominican Carnival, Mexican Día de los Muertos and more with this colorful deck and fully illustrated guidebook that provides background information on the card art, in addition to multiple card meanings. 

This deck is a divination tool that connects you to your intuition and is perfect for:

  • Enhancing the relationship you have with yourself and discovering how to have more self-love
  • Answering questions you have about your friendships, romantic and /or work relationships
  • Connecting to Latin ancestors by using these cards on your ancestor altar or in mediumship
  • Learning about Latin American myths like La Llorona, the Indigenous Brazilian Siren Iara and Afro Brazilian trickster Saci-Pererê
  • Understanding the roots of various Latin American holidays like the Nicaraguan Bolas de Fuego, Brazilian Día do Saci and more

To learn more visit: Unlock the wisdom of Latin American Myths and Rituals – Magick and Mediums

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