How to Tell if someone is an Energy Vampire - Three Spiritual Signs

How to Tell if someone is an Energy Vampire - Three Spiritual Signs

Have you ever felt drained by someone and wondered if they were more than a narcissist?

If so, it is possible that you were with a real energy vampire who was leeching off of your energy.

In this video, psychic-medium and card deck creator of The Magick and Mediums OracleThe Slavic Oracle and The Golden Light Oracle, Anielle Reid shares three unique and spiritual ways to tell if someone is an energy vampire.



1. You feel tired around them

This tiredness may come across as extreme relaxation. You may feel so relaxed around them that you feel comfortable enough to sleep in their arms or just fall asleep in their company. It is easy to confuse this tiredness or sense of drain with feeling at ease. 

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2. You feel your third eye throbbing

This throbbing may be interpreted to be a migraine or slight headache experienced while you are with them or shortly after.  I believe this third eye "pain" can be from the energy vampire trying to use the manifesting powers from your third eye for themselves. This pain could also be your body and your spiritual body alerting you of danger. As your third eye can see into the future and can see what our everyday five senses cannot, it makes sense that the third eye could be reacting to a darkness within the energy vampire that is in your mist. 

3. Your body is tense

You may feel your shoulders relax when you aren't around them. You may even feel like you can exhale when they are not in your presence. Being around them will have you guarded in the slightest of ways. You may find yourself naturally crossing your arms or legs around them or find yourself limiting yourself- not saying exactly how you feel and keeping certain things to yourself. You just aren't completely at ease. 


If you are unsure if you have an energy vampire in your life feel free to use any of our decks for clarification or book a session with psychic-medium channel Anielle Reid for immediate details. 






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